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Pharaoh’s Treasure Slot

918Kiss Plus is a new release slots app in the market. So here i am to recommend this slot game to you guys, which is Pharaoh’s Treasure. There is something about the sound of gold that has us regressing back to childhood happiness whenever we hear it, and when that gold comes from somewhere ancient and steeped in history, we go even more crazy for it.

Maybe it’s because of the adventures we have to go on to find it, the lost worlds we have to uncover, or maybe it’s the fact that someone many years ago touched what we now hold in our hands? It’s an invaluable experience whichever way you look at it. The thing is, not many of us get to do that kind of exploring. It’s normally left to the real life adventurers out there whom have taken up the mantel that the fictional heroes we love have passed down.

But what if it didn’t have to be something you fantasise about, if it could be real or as real as can be, well that would be something beautiful… something like Pharaoh’s Treasure from PlayPearls. Condensed down into a 5-reel slot machine, this ancient Egyptian find has everything we need to set us up for life, from free spins down to bonus levels, it’s all there waiting for us.

Twinkling Riches

Oh, what riches! There is no end of wealth stacked up on these 20 paylines, all of them so wonderfully designed and put together that it makes you feel as if you’re actually there, able to touch every image upon those tiles. And then with the animations that trigger with every win, well this activity comes into a league of its own.

No icon has been left out in the sun to bake into a generic looking feature, no, instead they’re all tailored to suit the theme and atmosphere that Pharaoh’s Treasure puts out there. It’s aesthetically perfect.

Seeing as it’s treasure we’ve uncovered beneath the sand, it’s not at all shocking that the maximum amount for any one tile is 200.00 credits, a decent if not staggering amount per five of them. Afterall, it’s been many years since these finds have seen the light of day, and currencies have changed dramatically – you don’t go down into a tomb and expect to find the wealth of the earth.

Much more reduced in value but more interesting in action is the free spins ruby diamond, perfectly cut and shaped that it glitters in all lights. Users need only find three for the effects to be felt, but five is when you will get the most out of the feature and receive 60 free rounds.

But wait, there’s more. Oh yes, this treasure hasn’t been waiting around to then let you down, and so it has a bonus level for you to find when several of the pharaoh symbols are unlocked. As the pleasure of finding such riches should be all yours, we’ll leave you guessing so that you can fully soak up that ancient wonder, but just be prepared for mummies. Rich, money hiding mummies.

Time Old Tradition

Just as we pay to play games now, back then it was the same, and so players need to stake at least 0.10 to get the reels rolling, though they can increase that sum up to 1.00 should they so wish. Even if they stick with the lowest amount, the bet will be placed upon each of the paylines, meaning your total is actually 2.00 not just the 0.10. Setting this is super easy, just tap the – or + symbols beside the bet per line box and the figures will change.

In regards to changing the paylines to a more comfortable experience for you, you only need to find the number on the outer side of the reels and then click it, so if you want 5 paylines just find the number 5. Again, it’s all simple and user friendly, meaning you can move onto starting that autoplay.

Automatic rounds are by far easier than doing everything manually, but don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself and see what we mean. By eliminating that annoying clicking sound, and boy does it get annoying after a while, you can still have all the intensity of the title but without having to do it yourself.

A Find of the Ages

PlayPearls haven’t quite created a slot that outshines all others, but this one comes quite close, if it wasn’t for the letdown of the jackpot we would say it’s among the best we’ve played. Nevermind, at least we got to experience it and can say without a shadow of a doubt that the graphics and gameplay have been designed to give you comfort and entertainment whenever you need it.

Let’s try it at Tony88!

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