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Sic Bo is actually a bet size. Let me briefly tell you what is attractive about Sic Bo, because the gameplay is simple and fast, and you can see the truth immediately. It is loved by beginners or experienced players.

In fact, I didn’t intend to write this article at first, and I also wanted to fully describe these years of online Sic Bo experience after thinking about it. Tony88 Malaysia Online Betting is a good platform, have you joined?

All of this must start in the summer of 2014, and it is exactly 4 years since now. I remember one afternoon, I just saw my friend (Dago) squatting in the corner to play mobile games in the corridor. I was curious to go and see what he was playing. As a result, he told me that he was playing Sic Bo recently and he was talking to a friend. Busy analyzing Sic Bo’s gameplay strategy.

Dago said: The annual market size of online Sic Bo is over 80 billion ringgits, which is a big pie, so he and his friends have a team analyzing Sic Bo’s win rate strategy. In impression, he said that he had already played 50 games that month. 10 million, I heard my mother thinking, 5 million, this is a lot of money! Dago said: Do n’t underestimate the online Sic Bo. Last year alone, I made more than 4 million. Of course, I was very excited when I heard it. I was very happy to earn 100,000! That was the conversation that started my online gaming life. Dago started teaching me how to analyze and improve the winning rate. After each event, I have to do my homework. The analysis beforehand really is very important. According to my experience until now Judging from the above, the winning percentage of each game has already exceeded 65%. Of course, in addition to the prediction probability is very important, the betting website is also very important. Remember to find a reputable online Sic Bo website and win it to get the money back!

Basically, I have played more than 80 Sic Bo websites, and I ’ve changed from a rookie to a veteran. These game records have been recorded on my notebook one by one. Basically, I only want to find Sic Bo websites with a high win rate. The winning face is higher than the average person. There are a lot of things, and I ’m not concealed here. The following is my winning and losing rate and winning rate in each Sic Bo in the past few years. I will have the opportunity to share other gameplay skills with you in the future!

At present, the average kill rate of electronic Sic Bo on the Internet is as high as 60%. No exact number can be counted here, but we can continue to add such machines to the casino. You can observe that every 8 seats are filled with people. This machine does not require manual operation. In this way, the three-shift manpower is saved, and the daily income is more substantial than before!

The Sic Bo in the casino is almost three dice in a covered glass container, covered by the dealer, and then there is a button to shake the container to dice the dice. After the player bets off the hand, the dealer opens the lid. Look at the points. The duration of a game is very short, so you can make money faster than other games!

More sophisticated players will use the “big and small kill method to play Sic Bo”, what does this mean? For example: you bet RM10 in a round, the round wins RM40, closes the RM20, and the other RM20 bets. If you win 5 games in a row, you win RM100! Does it feel very profitable? But to use this method, you must be optimistic about a long and stable dice road to bet. If you lose once, you can continue to wait until the opportunity comes.

The above experience is my little opinion of playing Sic Bo for many years, or the old saying: “If you see it, take it”. Don’t regret it if you lose the pants!

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