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The Avenue of the Baobabs

according to The legend, the devil would have been so jealous of God’s tree of creation, the Lord of darkness, and I stuffed the monkey bread tree, with the crown in the earth – which is why this is stretching their roots towards the sky. Baobab trees, the Baobabs are Africa’s strangest plants – and a brilliant Photo opportunity. Madagascar is probably most famous Motif is a section of national road 8 in the southwest, the so-called “Avenue of the Baobabs”. Particularly magical is the atmosphere at sunrise and sunset is.

The eighth continent

Madagascar is known for its landscape diversity, also referred to as the “eighth continent”. Because in an area the Size of France, rain forest, high mountains, karst landscapes, savannas and deserts collide here. The most beautiful desert landscapes in the Parc National de L’Isalo in the South West. If you like, you can get multi-day trekking, to climbing, swinging through Canyons or on horse Safari to go. A further plus point: The Park is easily reached by car on a good road.


the rain forest in all its facets, the Marojejy national Park in the North of Madagascar offers. In the 550 square-kilometer mountain range, which rises up to just over 2000 meters, the jungle, depending on the altitude. A Hiking and via ferrata leads, in three stages, through a thicket of aerial roots, through rivers and past waterfalls up to the highest peaks of the Park. We slept on the trek in huts, which are amazingly comfortable. Attention: The last stage to the summit of a climb, you need experience in vertical terrain is!

nostalgia on rails

Also, Madagascar has a TGV – a “Train à Grandes Vibrations”, the train with the big vibrations, as the Locals joke. The railway line FCE (Fianarantsoa-Cote Est Railway) connects the highland city of Fianarantsoa with the coastal town of Manakara and chugs at a snail’s pace due to the breathtaking scenery (always in the direction of travel to the left by the window seats!). For the 163 kilometers in ten hours are estimated to be, in reality, there are twelve and more. Often the train needs to be repaired during the journey. By the way: Some of the cars come from Switzerland in the 60s. A journey with the FCE is also a nostalgia experience for Swiss railway staff.

world heritage site of Ambohimanga

Madagascar is the only Unesco world heritage site, the Royal hill of Ambohimanga. In the centre of the island, the former capital of the Meringa tribe, whose kings is located in the 18. Century, rival tribes United and a lot of Madagascar created. That’s why the Palace is considered the most important sanctuary of the Malagasy people. Here the Royal ghosts of victims with the protection and health offered.

Madagascar: data and facts, The most Important thing in the ÜberblickHauptstadtAntananarivoFläche587’295 km2Einwohner25,58 million; 44 inhabitants per km2WährungAriaryZeitzoneUTC +3Unabhängigkeit26. June 1960 (from France)of the official languages of Malagasy and French FIFA world rankings 95TemperaturLuft: an average of 25 °C; water: an average of 25 °CRegenzeitNovember to April Nosy Be – Caribbean-Feeling in Africa

With the 5000 kilometres of coastline, boasts of Madagascar with a surfeit of beautiful beaches. The most popular beach destination is the small island of Nosy Be in the North-West. The beach is white, the palm trees lush and the water is turquoise-clear: post-card Idyll. However, you have to grab here for Malagasy conditions deep in the bag, if you want to get a pleasant hotel room and the price level is lower than on European beaches. Even if you can hardly tear myself away from the beautiful shores, you should not miss the Hinterland. For example, a guided Tour through the nature reserve of Lokobe, where lemurs, giant snakes, and neon is worth can discover colored chameleons.

the capital of good food

Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar with over one Million inhabitants, is a smogverseuchter Juggernaut. And yet, a stop for two, three days worth. For Tana, as the city with the Locals is called, has a lot to offer is steeped in History: the king’s Palace, and colonial buildings from the time of French rule. Tana is worth but also for lovers of good food. Anywhere you can dine delicious on the island than here. The best Restaurant on the place the La Varangue, where fusion cuisine, from French specialties and local cuisine comes to the plate.

Unique in the animal world,

Madagascar is a treasure trove for evolutionary biologists and nature lovers. As in Australia, the animal and plant world has evolved on the remote island, completely independently. The result is a large number of endemic species, i.e. animals and plants that exist only here. The best known example is the monkey-like lemurs, with their big eyes, put everyone in rapture are. Tip: if you travel in November to Madagascar, has the opportunity to observe the lemurs-mommies with their babies. Jöööö!

export of vanilla

Even if the vanilla Plant only in the 19th century. Century by the French colonists into the country was brought to Madagascar produces around 80 percent of the global harvest. Know? The price of the precious plants is subject to strong fluctuations. In 2018, a kilogram of vanilla at a cost of about $ 500 to as much as silver. The average is around 40 to 50 dollars per kilogram.

The great coral reef

With 450 kilometres in length, is the coral reef on the West coast of Madagascar is the fifth largest of its kind in the world. Unfortunately, here, too, climate change has hit, and corals killed. Nevertheless, one can admire on an intact underwater world, the colorful coral, fish, turtles, sharks and rays through the underground forest to swim. The best tourist infrastructure in the Village of Anakao, where you can book snorkeling and diving trips and from June to September humpback whales can be observed.

Surreal karst landscape

It looks as Andriamanitra, God the Creator of the Malagasy religious had played with damp Sand: The karst formations of the Tsingy de Bemaraha national Park are not of this world (and, therefore, Unesco natural heritage). Through the bizarre landscape of bridges, ladders, climbing ropes, rickety ferries – a visit is an adventure. Tip: the longer, about three hours around the tour for the best experience.

shut down on the river

One of the chilling experiences of the country is a multi-day river Tour in a traditional wooden boat. It will go over the jungle, simple fishing villages where the people still live traditionally, and many a crocodile dozing on the Bank. To do during the three days little, except the landscape and the lives of watch – total relaxation. Tours are offered on two rivers. More of the Tsiribihina river is frequented, less Traveller you meet on the Manambolo, the may only be after a tiring journey with a 4WD to be achieved.

Good to know

From the Switzerland, there are no direct flights to Madagascar. With a single Require it, for example, with Air France via Paris. More information available at

You need a visa, obtained on arrival at the airport.

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