Sales and registration of all NGO-issued special series number plates to end on December 31, 2019 – JPJ


Buyers and sellers of special number plates from series’ previously issued to non-governmental organisations, take note – you have until December 31 to get a number registered if you’re a buyer, and sellers have until then to conclude any sales. The road transport department (JPJ) has issued a notice to remind the public that the last day for the registration of such number plates is December 31, 2019.

In May last year, the transport ministry said that it would end the practice of issuing special number plate series to NGOs, but organisations with plate series that were previously approved before the decision was announced would however be able to continue sales, with a one-year grace period being given from January 2019 to sell and register these numbers.

Transport minister Anthony Loke said that there would be no further extension beyond that period, and no renewals would be permitted. The announcement means that as of January 1, 2020, only number plates issued through JPJ – including the government-issued Malaysia special series – will be permitted.

According to a graphic released by the department, there are no less than 30 special plate series available from private organisations still available on the market. Special series plates in the past have included

Loke had said that the government’s decision to halt the practice of allowing NGOs to sell special number plates was to ensure that revenue goes into the right stream. He said that a successful NGO would only have to pay the government RM1 million to get the plate, but the resale value could be roughly 20 times higher, translating into a huge loss of revenue for the government.

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