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From the yikes-can-I-actually-afford that Mac Pro to the more economical Google Pixel 3a, we’ve rounded up the top 10 latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos aplenty from 2019. Get your credit card ready, because some of these are pretty hard to resist, especially if you’ve got a tech enthusiast on your holiday shopping list.

1AirPods Pro


Building on its predecessor which kickstarted a new generation of constant ear-bud-wearing young people (not to mention a whole slew of memes), the AirPods Pro, released earlier this year in September, feature a number of improvements that help justify the extra $100 tacked onto the price.

Active noise cancellation, one-tap connection, a pressure equalizer, water resistance and adaptive EQ all make these some of the most advanced wireless earbuds on the market. Not to mention, one of the best features is actually analog—never worry about those one-size-fits-all earbuds falling out again, because the AirPods Pro come with three different size ear tips to better contour to the shape of your ear canal.

2Move Bluetooth Speaker



A Bluetooth speaker is a Bluetooth speaker, right? Not if we’re talking about the Sonos Move Bluetooth speaker, because it stands out from the rest of the class with added durability you drop it or you splash some water on it.

Featuring voice control, Bluetooth streaming that holds up even when you don’t have access to Wifi and adaptive Trueplay tuning that adjusts to the environment you’re in for the most crisp sound, this speaker is just a step above the rest.

3Wireless Charging Pad



$43.99 (27% off)

Now that the latest Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro have caught up to Samsung phones and introduced truly wireless charging, it’s the year to stock up on the strange little pads, which have existed for years, but haven’t been perfected until now with the Morphie Wireless Charging Pad.

Complete with the latest Qi wireless charging technology, this charging pad delivers 7.5 watts of fast-charging speed to your phone on contact. The surface is coated with a non-slip finish to ensure your phone stays in place. Plus, unlike some of these devices, the charging cable (that plugs into a power outlet, that is) comes right in the box—no headache required.

4Mac Pro


Okay, yeah, this machine might cost more than some salaries, but this monster of a computer isn’t meant for your typical user—it’s packed with features that might be more helpful for, say, producing a feature length film than completing a college English essay.

The all-new Mac Pro features a stainless steel space frame and an aluminum housing that lifts off, giving you access to 360-degree customization.

Not to mention, this thing is ridiculously powerful. It features up to 28 cores of power. Inside is an Intel Xeon processor and 64 PCI Express lanes that give you massive bandwidth. For folks who need as many CPUs as possible for high-power tasks, like simulating multiple smartphone apps at once, this is the computer for you.

5Pixel 3a


The Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL came out earlier this year in May, about a half-year before the updated Google Pixel 4 debuted. But the slightly older model is a star in its own right not only for its surprisingly affordable price but for its great camera and Google experience.

Night Sight ensures that you get a perfect shot, even in the dark. Portrait mode flawlessly captures the people in your images, making them the sole focus of the shot with a blurred out background, thanks to the phone’s imaging AI, which actually takes multiple shots in quick succession before fusing the best parts of each for the perfect photo.

With Google rolling out all new features for its line of Pixel phones, this device will only continue to see helpful upgrades.

Inspire HR


$79.00 (21% off)

Packed with all the same capabilities as earlier Fitbit models, the Inspire HR takes things a step further.

You can track those workouts with additional precision, thanks to features like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, resting heart rate monitoring, heart rate zones, cardio fitness level, sleep stages, real time pace and distance, 15+ goal-based exercise modes and even guided breathing sessions.

7XPS 13 Laptop


Dell boasts that this is the most powerful 13-inch laptop in its class. And with a processor that includes a 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10710U, 12 MB Cache, 6 Core, and up to 4.70 GHz (meaning better connectivity), it looks to be true.

It also features a two terabyte solid state hard drive, a touch screen, an improved webcam, and Dell Cinema for betting film and video viewing.

8Elite 65t Earbuds



$109.99 (35% off)

Similar to the new Apple AirPods Pro, these buds come with multiple ear tips to ensure a perfect fit—and according to Best Products, these ones fit the best.

Beyond that, the Jabra Elite 65t earbuds have four built-in microphones to ensure you’re never the one that’s impossible to hear on the other end of a call, Jabra Sound+ technology that lets you make customizations to the equalizer, water resistance, and an impressive five-hour battery life.

Trumping all of that, you can also use the Jabra  Sound+ mobile app to connect to your favorite voice assistant.

9Kindle Oasis


At first glance, the newest Kindle looks kind of weird, thanks to the protruding notch on the back. But, that little feature actually has an important purpose: it’s ergonomically fitted to support one-handed reading.

Plus, this is the first all-waterproof Kindle, so pack this guy up in your pool or gym back and splash chlorine-filled water at it or swipe your sweaty hands all over it and nothing will happen to your precious bookshelf. It’s also got weeks of battery life and up to 32 GB of storage.

10Surface Pro 7


The Surface Pro 7 doesn’t set out to be revolutionary—earlier models of this product were disruptors in their own right. Instead, this model seeks to perfect the product with an improved pen and studio microphones that make it easier to utilize speech-to-text.

Not to mention, it’s way faster than past models and features both USB-A and USB-C connection ports, which we welcome in this era of minimalistic connections.

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