918Kiss Slots Introduction- Hulu Cock


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Hulu Cock, also known as fish shrimp crab Sic Bo, is a kind of gambling game. Its type and odds are basically the same as that of Sic Bo, another gambling method, but the dice used are replaced by points of fish, shrimp, crab, money, gourd, and chicken. Fish, shrimp, and crab originated in China, and it was a fairly common gambling in the south.


One type is panning, which is generally used to kill big bets. When one or two small ones appear, the dealer will pan horizontally and the dice will only roll a few times in parallel. Most of the results are still small.

One is vertical shake, which is generally seen in the case of large points. In order to shuffle the dice, vigorously shake the dice into the air, but this usually has a very high probability.

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