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Niu Niu Tips

Tips on playing Niuniu: Three tips to teach you how to play Niuniu

Niu Niu is a fast-paced, easy-to-use game with many exciting and exciting tricks. Let me introduce you to some tips for playing Niu Niu. I wish you a happy game!

Speaking in front: games like life, life like games, I hope you win wonderful games!

First move

If you are playing for the first time and playing any game, you should not be involved blindly. You need to understand what Niu Niu and Niu Niu play first; if you are an old player with a certain experience, then there is only enough Can be more proficient in the use of various skills and rules, to discover more fun in the game.

what? You’re not interested in watching those big words?

I have to say that Niu Niu’s rules are very simple. So let me give you a little bit of advice. If you are playing for the first time, there are many platforms, multiple formats and game tutorials. After completing a simple and intuitive tutorial, the entry game is very suitable for you. You can master it with other novice players in the game Rules and fun, I believe you will get started soon.

If you are a veteran player, actual combat will also be your fastest way to exercise your skills and grasp the rules more deeply.

Second move, learn to play combo

After understanding the rules of the game, teach you a game skill.

Everyone knows that combination boxing is the most difficult to resist in a boxing match. In Niuniu games, if you can learn to combine your cards properly, you will have a better chance of winning. It is true that the system draws which of the 54 cards to give you all luck, but just as Tian Ji racing, good horses, bad horses, good cards, bad cards all have their value, can help you win.
As for how to combine cards, you only need to add the numbers represented by the random 3 cards (JQK counts as 10), and you are done.

The third trick is to win without losing or losing.

Niu Niu, like every other board game, is full of variables. It is this variable that makes the game full of excitement and fun. And a good attitude can often help you win!

Maybe you will return with a lot of loads. Maybe you are facing a big defeat. Please be honest. This is a game and a life. There are inevitably ups and downs. Please set your mind and enjoy the colorfulness of games and life. Accumulating defeat is victory, accumulating small victory is great victory, the real victory belongs to you!

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