A look at developments in innovation across the federal technology landscape in 2019.


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Technology-driven tools and initiatives are accelerating productivity and paving new opportunities for agencies to progress. This year saw many of those efforts come to fruition.

Under direction from the Trump administration, agencies and departments are leveraging and investing in artificial intelligence to meet their missions through new technological capabilities like never before. The year also saw massive leaps in both quantum and high-performance supercomputing. New discoveries were launched with a great deal in federal support—agencies even helped Google achieve quantum supremacy this year. And federal entities have also made notable strides in deploying emerging technologies including blockchain, 5G, 3D printing and robotic process automation.

While each agency continues to modernize at its own pace, this report offers an in-depth look at key developments in federal technology innovation in 2019—a year of buzzwords, packed with new policies, challenges, milestones and disruptions.

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