Marcela Alejandra Bovio García (born October 17, 1979 in Monterrey, Nuevo León) is a Mexican singer, violinist, songwriter, and vocal teacher, who is currently a member of the Dutch symphonic death metal band MaYaN.

In 1995 she joined Hydra, a Mexican metal band, singing and playing violin. In 1999 they released an EP called “Bosquejo”. After leaving them, Bovio co-founded the Mexican experimental rock band Elfonía in 2001, which was active until 2006. In 2003, she responded to a “casting call” by Dutch musician Arjen Anthony Lucassen for relatively unknown singers, who chose her to play the character of Wife in the Ayreon album The Human Equation. In 2005, he also picked her for his new project, the progressive metal band Stream of Passion. The band released their debut album Embrace the Storm the same year, with Bovio acting as sole lyricist. Lucassen left the band to continue on its own in 2007; this resulted in Bovio acting as band leader and one of the main songwriters (including for composition) on subsequent albums. Stream of Passion amicably disbanded in December 2016.

In September 2016, Bovio independently released her first solo album, Unprecedented, a classical album consisting of original songs she wrote; it was followed by Through Your Eyes in 2018. She joined MaYaN as a full-time member in 2017, after regular collaborations with the band since 2013. She regularly acts as backing vocalist for other bands, notably Epica and The Gentle Storm, and was also one of the founding members of VUUR in 2016.


MaYaN (2013-present)

In 2013, Bovio collaborated with Dutch symphonic death metal MaYaN, led by Mark Jansen of Epica, another band she would later work with. She performed choir parts on their second album Antagonise, released in January 2014, and performed lead vocals on three tracks: “Bloodline Forfeit”, “Devil in Disguise”, and “Human Sacrifice”.

After performing at MaYan live shows regularly since 2014, Bovio officially joined the band as a full-time member on June 21, 2017. She stated “I’ve had the pleasure of joining the guys and gals of MaYaN on stage for quite a while now, and every time we’ve played together it’s been a blast! Not only are they all great musicians, but also really cool people to be around, über nice and funny as hell! So I’m very happy to officially be part of the MaYaN family, and I’m looking forward to lots of new adventures with the band!”

Solo career (2015-present)

In 2015, Bovio released her solo debut, an EP titled Found!, consisting of two tracks, “Found!” and “Dime”, later to be a part of her first full-length album.

In April 20, 2016, Bovio announced the production of her first solo album, Unprecedented. A departure from her previous works in the heavy metal and rock genres, it is a classical album recorded in a single live session, consisting of ten original songs she wrote, and in which she performs vocals accompagned solely by a string quartet. The album was funded via Crowdfunding on Indiegogo; it reached its original goal of $6,000 in 11 hours, eventually reaching $26,858, 448% of its original goal, and was released independently on September 23, 2016 It featured both songs in English language, and songs in her native Spanish language.

Later that year, Bovio toured as a solo artist, acting as supporting act for Maiden uniteD from November 6 to November 24; except for the show on November 24, which featured a string quartet, she performed on all other dates with pianist Erik van Ittersum instead.

On January 24, 2017, Bovio released a second version of the album, titled Unprecedented – The Piano Sessions, with the string quartet replaced by Van Ittersum. This version, considered a new studio album by Bovio, was also recorded in a single day, and features four bonus tracks: an original song, two covers, and a version of “The One” from the original album with lyrics in Spanish.

On February 9, 2018, she will perform a concert as a solo artist with Van Ittersum, as a part of an event dedicated to singer-songwriters.

Bovio started the recording of her next solo album in January 15, 2018. She announced its title, Through Your Eyes, on June 26, with a planned release in fall. Self-described as “melancholic chamber music”, the album is “inspired by 11 different topics, provided to me by 11 different people from all around the world.”


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