You Could Catch An Uber Copter Flight From Manhattan To JFK Now


Uber Copter is now available to all customers willing to ride now and you could catch one from lower Manhattan to get to JFK Airport.

Groups of five could fly along the aforementioned route in just 30 minutes, according to Motor Authority.

The service has been around since July, with Uber soft-launching it, but only Platinum and Diamond-level Uber users could have used it.

“Uber Copter is available Monday through Friday during afternoon rush hours for trips between lower Manhattan and JFK International Airport,” the announcement read.” If your journey is starting or ending within our designated zone, you’ll see Copter as an option in your Uber app. The designated zone includes all of Manhattan south of Houston Street and select areas with access to the West Side Highway.”


Uber Copter could be booked through the Uber app like you would a regular car trip and does seem a really great option to have, considering the fact that it could take as much as two hours to get to JFK from Manhattan by car. The trip is much shorter via the Long Island Railroad, taking 50-75 minutes.

“You can request to book your trip directly in the Uber app,” Uber says. “A single tap of a button can get you access to a ride with Uber from your pickup location to the heliport, a helicopter flight, and a ride from the heliport to your destination.

“Going to JFK? You may request a trip when you’re ready to go, or up to 5 days in advance. Coming from JFK? Book your trip on demand when your flight lands.”

Pretty convenient, but also quite pricey. An individual ride costs between $200 and $225.

Media personnel who have tried it out report longer-than-promised trip times but Uber says it’s all contingent on where the ride starts and customers who are farther away from the lower Manhattan helipad will find that it’s longer. CNN has referred to service as “an expensive, time-consuming adventure.”

Uber is keen on expanding new routes in different cities but that will depend on how it works out with this particular one.

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