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Mark the time with a new watch.


Throughout one’s life there are milestones and reaching various certain ages is considered something worth noting. There isn’t a more appropriate way to award a special birthday than with the gift of time. Since the moment the pocket watch became accessible to the masses, watches have been given as gifts to mark life’s important moments. The gold watch given for one’s retirement or the newly appointed partner of a law firm gifting himself a Rolex are classic examples. Today, watches come in every form imaginable ranging from fashion accessories to digitally powered smartwatches to mechanical pieces that offer a timeless appeal. Whether giving a gift or rewarding yourself, each watch listed below is appropriate to mark a milestone birthday.

13th Birthday: Garmin Venu Smartwatch with OLED Display

Garmin Venu Smartwatch with OLED Display


Some say the future of watches will combine the classic timekeeping features of a mechanical watch with the digital technology in smartwatches. The most talked-about way to achieve this is through Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode display technology. Better known as “AMOLED,” it is already common in smartphones and laptops and is gaining acceptance on TVs. Watch brands believe it is the key to combining mechanical and digital functions in a way that is seamless and can be done on command. There are already a few smartwatch companies using this display technology. One of them is Garmin. Its newest 43mm watch is housed in a 43mm fiber-reinforced polymer case with black silicone band. The 1.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, with 390 x 390 resolution, offers simple navigation and clear visuals. It does many of the things that are common for wearables, such as keeping track of messages and emails, tracking heart rate, GPS-based navigation and customization in how you want your information displayed. This is an opportunity to provide as a gift an introduction to what could be the future of watches at an affordable price.

18th Birthday: Baume 42mm Automatic

Baume 42mm Automatic