This Easy Hike In Arizona Will Take You To A Chocolate Colored Waterfall This Fall



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Crisp air and cool weather are almost upon us here in Arizona. Do you know what that means? You can go on those hikes you’ve been dying to try! This fall, you can go on an easy adventure that takes you to a chocolate waterfall in Arizona.

Grand Falls (aka Chocolate Falls) is a 181-foot tall waterfall located on Navajo Nation land. It’s available year-round and there’s no cost to see the falls. The waterfall flows during monsoon season and snowmelt from winter snowstorms. Weather conditions change and if you don’t want to be disappointed if the waterfall isn’t flowing.

If the water level is in the thousands, it’s best to visit the falls within 48 hours because conditions can change quickly. Even if you and your friends visit when the water isn’t flowing the location is still quite beautiful.

Since the area is remote, you should plan on bringing lots of water and food. If you’re looking to have a relaxing afternoon trip, you can also have a picnic on one of the many benches or picnic tables.

The beautiful chocolate waterfall is the perfect backdrop against the painted desert. The falls were actually created from volcanic runoff.

The hike to the bottom of the waterfall is about 1-mile long roundtrip. It’s possible that the ground may be loose, so it’s best to tread carefully and watch your step. When the falls are flowing the ground may be slippery.

The gravel road to the falls is well-maintained and can be reached using all types of vehicles. Whether you’re chasing waterfalls or looking for an easy hike with a view, Grand Falls is the place to be. Just remember to check water levels before you go!

Below is a photo of the falls taken one day ago. It will give you an idea of what the falls look like. 

Grand Falls

Price: Free

Location: Near Leupp, AZ

Why you should go: This chocolate-colored waterfall is taller than Niagra Falls and is so unique. When the falls aren’t flowing the area is just as breathtaking.


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