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Not much to say about another AV CASINO. Although, you must feel very strange, change your wife, how can you play a girl so happy, but I can only tell you, interesting, fresh, attractive pictures, even girls, it will not be bad. Just look into the game screen, you feel blushing heartbeat, of course, if you don’t like the anime style, change it next time, then come to an advanced live version 喽~((Please look forward to))

After I have taken a screenshot of the picture, the beautiful wife is so beautiful, are you ready? ! Then I have to enter. In the past two days, a friend asked me what I just had to pay attention to. In fact, the first thing is to understand the connection totem of this game.

Pool Totem (Jackpot):

In the game screen, there will be GRAND, MAJOR, MINOR and MINI indicating the amount. If the player’s rotation picture is still, two or more consecutive lines appear from the left and the right and match the connection path, you can win the corresponding lottery. The picture is hot and the amount of the pot is also a big surprise.

(I took the picture of the game’s current pot amount, not every time.)

Bonus Game:

When any of the 5 reels appears to be equal to or greater than 3, you can enter the Bonus Game. I was so confused that I missed the capture of the beautiful picture and left it to everyone to develop.

※Friendly reminder: When you enter the lottery game and overtime operation, the winning game will be automatically executed for you.

The game is based on the first column, from left to right, there are more than 2 identical totems, and meet the connection path, congratulations!
According to the “Currency” of the bet × “Line Note” × “The corresponding odds in the odds table”, the winnings can be calculated.

Don’t talk nonsense, just enter the game!

Come and take a turn! ~ According to the previous theory, it is not awkward, first come a full 10 automatic rotations

I haven’t made much progress in playing today. Come and go. If you want to pass the game and continue, pass the time and use your mouse to tease your wife! If the volume is adjusted, if it is only suitable for the single music, wear a headset! Today’s unprofessional game out of the box, just stop here, may wish to play Wukong333 online immediately, let the goddess accompany you. Don’t forget to apply for a new account at Tony88~

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