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918Kiss, you may see these words in the door of some shophouses, you may think it is a house number, or it is not the same thing at all. Yes, you may not know what 918Kiss is, but if you change one, you must pass it. This so-called 918Kiss is what everyone calls “horse machine.” The shop with this type in front of the door is “Ma Airport”!

The horse machine, which is already an open secret in Malaysia, is called “secret”. In fact, the main reason is because of its illegality. What is this 918Kiss? Google, you will find its website, go to the famous video website youtube to find out how it is played!

This thing is fun and not fun. Some people are playing with a pastime. Some people may just try their luck, play a little, and have fun. If you want to play with the “want to win” mentality, I still have to tell you anyway, the chance is too low, unless you are the first to take the dog, otherwise it is said that there is less than one-X The opportunity to win money is not going to make you so enjoyable.

In fact, many people know that the gambling thing is that the dealer (store) is not profitable, but some people still want to try their luck! As a result, the store thinks that this is too good to earn, and the airport has mushroomed like mushrooms. It is said that there are more than two hundred Sibus!

“Bet” is the inferiority of people. I dare not say that everyone loves to gamble, but I want to like a small gamble or is there a lot of people? The scope of gambling is also very large. If you don’t say those cold gambling, you can say big. If you count down one by one, everyone will be sighed that gambling is really ubiquitous! Such as: gambling, horse racing, racing, mahjong, playing cards, etc. As long as there are winners and losers can gamble, even if there is no such thing as a winner, such as buying a million words is also a kind of bet!

If “gambling” is not to contact feelings, but to make money, I think people can try some gambling that can be calculated and can be mastered (even if only by eye). In so many kinds of gambling, I really want to play, and the winning rate is not very difficult. For example, gambling, gamblers can rely on their own eyes, and all kinds of gossip to inquire, then look at the market, decide How many bets, etc., these “bets” that rely on the news to increase the winning rate abound, it depends on your “technique” and “pipeline”.

There is also a blackjack at 21 o’clock. It is said that there is a mathematics master group in Australia. It is hard to engage in major casinos. By relying on sophisticated card counting and calculation, the law of winning the casino will be reversed.

Look at this 918Kiss, let the computer go all the way, the decision to win or lose is “pure luck”, and this “pure luck” is also set by the owner of the iron can not be moved a few hundred cents, losing money is really too wasteful That’s the money. Even if it is a gambling god, I am afraid I can only shake my head when I encounter 918Kiss.

Bet, it’s really a matter of escaping and killing time. If you want to “reverse the sky” and regard it as a “bill of wealth”, you must do a lot of work to study. Otherwise, let the dealer (the store) take the nose and finally Burning is just yourself!

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