How to Ensure Your Winnings on 918Kiss



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There is no secret formula that would help you win the slot games. However, there are certain strategies that can ensure that you (almost) always win slot games. You can employ these strategies or techniques in almost any slot game but you must bear in mind that the winnings are not always guaranteed. You always need to have an open mind. So, here’s what you can do to increase your chances of garnering a substantial win.

How to Ensure Your Winnings on 918Kiss

Check RTP (Return to Player) of the slots

This may seem like an obvious thing, but you would be surprised how many beginner players make the mistake of not choosing the right slot. If you really want to win at slots, you need to find a slot machine that pays out more money than the other ones and RTP (return to player) percentage can help you find that casino.

The RTP percentage represents all the money a slot machine will return back to the players over time. For example, if you bet a hundred MR 1 bets in a slot machine with an RTP around 85% then you can expect to get back MR 85 in winnings.

Determine slot volatility

Slot volatility refers to the risk factor associated with certain slot machines.

If a slot at 918Kiss has the low volatility that means it offers more frequent wins with a smaller value, and if the volatility is high, it means that the slot has offers rare wins but with high values. This essentially means that slots that are highly volatile can help you garner a lot of money and vice versa.

So, you need to choose a slot based on how frequent you would like to win and how much you would like to win. After you have decided what volatility you would like to choose, you need to figure out how to check the volatility of the slots. It’s not always easy. What you can do is play the slot machine in casinos like 918Kiss long enough to understand the pattern of winnings and loses and see which slots have high or low volatility.

Check all the slots and avoid the easy option

Sometimes it seems too easy to just pick the first game that you see and start rolling the dice, but it is not always the smartest way. Successful gamblers always look through online casinos and find the games that have the potential to offer bigger payouts.

Learn to use free spins

Free spins come with bonuses and no deposit cash that allows you to test the game before you start to bet your own money. Slot gaming professionals know how to utilize free spins and other various promotions that may allow them to have free spins and use them to their advantage.

Final thoughts

To be a winner, you need to think like a winner. Remember easy come, easy go. You need to make an effort to find your place in the gambling world. If you are a beginner player, start slow and only invest smaller amounts to test the waters before you actually get into the game.

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