10 blockchain technology solutions for business in 2019



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Blockchain provides powerful encryption, autonomy, and anonymity. But, how do you invest in the blockchain? It has investment uses in different fields, including copyright preservation, cashless purchasing, and transaction security. Here are 10 blockchain tech solutions for businesses, and a quick overview of how blockchain works in simple, easy-to-understand steps.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a chain of blocks, built according to a specific algorithm and allowing to solve problems of any complexity.

The blockchain is a distributed database, where the means for storing information is not connected to a central server. The main purpose of the database is to store a list of records (blocks), each of which contains information about the time and a link to the previous element of the system.

The technology is characterized by powerful encryption, autonomy, and anonymity.

How to invest in blockchain technology?

To understand the principles and prospects of blockchain technology, it is worth knowing how the blockchain works. In simple words, blockchain is a set of tables that have an electronic form and are connected to a common database with information.

The term in question also refers to registries that can be adjusted and monitored the progress of operations. The technology is convenient and easy to use, which allows it to work without the involvement of intermediaries.

For example, an entrepreneur decided to sell the enterprise to another businessman with the obligation to pay a specific amount. If you use standard methods, the procedure is very complicated and requires the following actions – withdrawing money and delivering it to the buyer.

Let us consider the blockchain technology in simple words using the example of a transaction in a cryptocurrency chain:

  1. X plans to transfer money to Y.
  2. The operation enters the network, where blocks are formed from this and other transactions. Each of them is assigned a number and hash of the last element of the chain.
  3. Blocks are sent to each of the participants in order to verify the validity of the operation.
  4. In the absence of errors, each member of the network fixes a new element in his version of the database.
  5. The block is added to the blockchain chain, which contains information about previous operations.
  6. Y gets money from X.

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The characteristics of the transaction are as follows:

  • The key point in the work of the blockchain is to fix the conduct of the operation, which allows you to go back and see the completion of all transactions.
  • The possibility of fixing in the blockchain chain any information that interests the participant (This is not only about operations with money, but also carrying out other transactions).
  • The process is safe for participants in the transaction because the blockchain technology does not allow fraudsters to get access to money quickly. The more items in the chain, the harder it is to hack. That is why the chain of Bitcoin blockchain, Lightcoin has a maximum level of security.

Blockchain for business

Network users know the blockchain as the invariable cryptocurrency basis. In fact, this is a separate technology that can be applied in various fields:

  • Copyright preservation by creating a digital certificate of authenticity.
  • Buying goods in various parts of the planets without involving cash.
  • Data management in financial markets. In particular, the blockchain can be used to preserve and optimize business processes, as well as increase the level of protection.
  • Ensuring security when conducting transactions with precious stones by creating a registry of transactions and their verification.
  • Management of energy production. The decentralized platform allows you to adjust the control and management of various energy sectors based on the programmed information. At the same time, the system is reliably protected from hacking.
  • Electronic voting. Here, the blockchain technology is used to conduct elections and quick counting of votes with the ability to verify the correctness of the results.
  • The development of computer and gambling games in which people from different countries can participate.
  • The scope of labor. The technology of a distributed registry is useful for storing and verifying information relating to the length of service of people, the availability of education, awards, and other information. Such a system is especially useful for job placement companies.
  • Charity. Using the blockchain application, it is easy to transfer property rights and money while respecting confidentiality and at a high level of security.
  • In addition, the blockchain is useful in medicine, industry, Internet space, the financial sector, and other sectors.

As for the other areas of activity, the prospects here are enormous. Transparency of operations, lack of intermediaries, reliability, and safety, are only part of the advantages that contribute to the spread and gradual introduction of blockchain technology into our lives.

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