Tips for Playing 918Kiss Online Casino Slots



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Monkey Thunderbolt

Capital 100. Bet RM1-175, RM1-125, RM1-100. But keep this in mind, depending on the engine 100%. If the RM100 runs out there are no more birds or other birds, then the machine is dinnertime, but if we have a game we can continue the game.

Twister 918Kiss

Bet RM0.50, can raise RM1.00 bet. Manual play don’t catch. If you eat within 30-40RGT. Get out and back in.

Season Greetings 918Kiss

Random RM5000-10,000

Small bet, play alternate manual with catch. Always get the bonus with the big win you can continue. If you have to eat, go out and come back and have a random RM1000, no more than RM10,000. There are a lot of bonuses in this game.

Amazon 918Kiss

The game wants to earn a little capital or money, just catch it fast.

Fairy Garden 918Kiss

Random RM5000-8000

Bet RM0.25, hit fast-catch. Until you get the first bonus. If the flavors are catching up but you don’t get the bonus either, get out and go back as long as you don’t reach RM8000. There are 2 types of bonuses in this game.

Aladdin 918Kiss

For Aladdin games when you open the game make sure there is a gameplay in 2 @ 3 and then in the 10 spin, the new hard-hitting image can serve the game if it doesn’t diligently drop out of the game?

Iris Luck 918Kiss

Down Line 28, the spin-off spin, when the new hard-to-fall pump picture increases your bet.

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