5 minutes to learn how to win at 918Kiss Tembak ikan Malaysia



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5 minutes let you learn to win at 918Kiss Tembak ikan Malaysia

In the Malaysian fish shooting game has always been favored by netizens, and even some people want to shoot fish for sleepless nights! Where is the charm of Tembak ikan Malaysia?

At the same time, how do you play the game of shooting fish to taste the victory?

Today we are going to crack the secret of the fish machine and teach everyone how to fight big fish!

The winning skill of the fish machine

The average fisher machine will have two restrictions to ensure that the machine wins. One is the pumping rate. When the player inputs all 100 coins, the machine must draw a few coins.

There is also a gambling machine controlled by the game currency inventory. Suppose a machine has 1 million points at the beginning, and player A wins 500,000 points, and the machine’s memory becomes 500,000 points. At this time, the next player will It’s hard to win.

Assuming that the third player B loses another 2 million, the machine’s memory gold coin will become (100-50+200) equal to 2.5 million.

Usually a lot of people are playing on one machine, that is, if someone wins a lot of money, then it is recommended that you take a break. Let the machine eat a little more money and then go off.

Or during the break, sign up for a free account with Tony88 and play for a while.

Skills (1)

Leakage rule

In fact, this method can be said to be a “chicken” style of play, specifically to play the position of others to lose points, because once someone else loses the score, no matter how the system has to give people a few big fish.

Suppose you shoot a few shots with 1000 guns. If you happen to hit 300 times the fish, are you not making a big profit?

In today’s introduction, I can understand very well that every time I make a shot, I must die. The player will win with this method.

Skills (2)

Pay attention to the blood volume of the fish:

Under normal circumstances, because there is a distinction between eating and eating cycles, the big fish in the eating position will never die, and those friends who do not know how to be jealous will definitely choose to die.

If you kill fish in this way, the score will not only be lost quickly, so if you are in a position to eat, you only need to use 1000 cannons to play fish, and the fish will die. In this way, I believe that even children will fight.

Skills (3)

Specialized scores:

In the 1000 cannons, because sometimes the position of the losers is generally a big one, you only need to play in the position of the points, and you can play it with a saying, that is, the left ear enters and the right ear comes out.

Therefore, the time is lost and the loser loses more.

Skills (4)

Only play small fish:

We used the method of small fish to cut the gun into 1000 shots!

Pay attention to the bullets that are released, five times. If you earn points, this position can be stabilized.

Then enjoy the 1000 guns to earn points!

Go to the game hall and try it out. Using the above methods may win more money and change your life.

Fish machine mentality analysis:
In fact, when people are rational, they generally don’t lose too much. If you see what fish you are sensible, you can play fish.

However, when you lose a certain amount of money, you will only think about returning to the book, and then keep playing, and you will not save the gun at this time.

When I have no money, I borrow from my friends.

Because at this time your heart has been occupied by the bet of the bet.

I can guarantee that you will lose all your money.

Listen to Jun, in fact, fishing is just an entertainment, please do not use fishing games as a tool to make money. Fishing does not have the skills to win, fishing depends on the mentality.

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