How to Play Ocean Fish King 918Kiss



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This time the admin will give you tips on how to play Ocean King. How to shoot Ocean King 918Kiss among the popular fishing games out there. If you know how to play this fish, with a RM30 capital you can win RM3000.

If you don’t believe it, but the admin himself has won RM3000 and RM4000 each. Winning those hundreds while playing fish shooting is a common practice for admins. This time the admin is trying to give you tips on how to play your own admin game.

For the best startup capital for fishing, admins suggest that there is a capital of RM200 and less money can be a deposit of RM50.

Usually, if you’ve won big for one ID by winning the Ocean King 918Kiss Fish shooting game, it’s a bit difficult for you to win the second time with the same amount. Try another ID that is not straightforward with fish shooting games.

For a bet of RM200

To get started try out the RM2 value by using the second bullet, the one in the middle. List of rooms that are full of players, pay attention to the player with the highest credit. Follow the player involved in shooting slowly or slowly.

Usually, if the player has a lot of credit. He will use an automatic laser weapon. That’s where we get the chance to steal (PUBG) :). The fish will explode if you really focus on the fish being shot by the player. 3 explosions worth RM2 will give you at least RM1600. Please wash it if you win big. Try another ID instead.

For $ 50

Here admin recommends that you pay RM0.50 directly. Just aim at a big fish with a laser bullet. Never use auto mode if your money is just RM50. Just use the laser ammunition slowly. If you go with the admin, the first RM50 admin deposit will be lost, the second deposit will be lost as well, the possibility of your third deposit will win.

That’s it for this time, the next admin will give you another tip. Join Tony88 today!

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