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Most head-up displays in today’s cars are two-dimensional in nature, but Jaguar Land Rover is looking to take things a step further by announcing the development of a three-dimensional system that uses augmented reality to “project” information directly onto the road ahead.

With the immersive system, the British carmaker is looking to improve reaction times on “popping-out” instructions like lane departure, hazard detection and navigation directions, while also reducing the effects of poor visibility and increasing depth judgments while driving.

In the future, the technology could also be used by passengers to watch 3D movies, with head and eye tracking technology used to track the passenger’s position so they can see 3D pictures without needing individual screens or dedicated glasses like those worn at cinemas.


This will be beneficial in an autonomous vehicle, as several passengers would be able to enjoy their own choice of media, be it journey details, points of interest or movies – all optimised for where they are sat in the vehicle.

The next-generation head-up display is part of JLR’s “Smart Cabin” vision, which applies technologies to create a personalised space inside a vehicle for the driver and passengers. It also aims to provide enhanced safety, entertainment and convenience features in preparation for autonomous vehicles.

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