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Nowadays, many people like to bet in the online casino rather than the land-based casino. The reason behind this is simply because they can play the casino games at anywhere and anytime through online casino platforms. Many online casino platforms have emerged in Malaysia to meet the increasing demand. Among all the online casino platforms in Malaysia, 918Kiss Online is the top choice for the majority of the players. It is because this online casino platform can be downloaded as a mobile app and played on the mobile device. It can support both iOS and Android system mobile device. The app is very easy to download and use. Furthermore, the entire download and registration process is totally free!

For all the new players in 918Kiss, they will get to enjoy all kind of benefits such as welcome bonus without any deposit, free spins during the festive season and etc. 918Kiss Online also offers a wide selection of popular online casino games for the players. There are more than 150 games available in the app. The team behind this app is consistently updating new games to the app in order to bring more fun and excitement for the players. Another advantage playing in 918Kiss Online is that players get to win in the game easily and consistently. This is always the biggest attraction point for any casino players.

How To Win Consistently In 918Kiss Online

If you are a new player in 918Kiss, then you must not miss out this article. In this article, we will share out a few simple yet effective tips for you to win consistently in the app. These secret tips are sourced from many veteran players in 918Kiss.

Keep Your 918Kiss App Updated

Many mobile phone users actually do not like to update the apps on their phones. The main reason behind is that they find it very troublesome and time-consuming to update these apps. However, we are here to inform you that you should always update your 918Kiss app whenever there is a new update available. This is simply because once you updated your app, your winning odds in the games will become higher. It is very complicated to explain the logic behind here, however, this method has been practically proven by many veteran players. Besides, updating the app will also increase the smoothness of the game-play and shorten the game-loading time. This will definitely help in enhancing your gaming experience in 918Kiss.

Play 918Kiss At A Specific Time Period

Generally, your winning odds will be relatively higher when you play in 918Kiss Online compared to other online casinos platforms. Furthermore, you will get to hit the jackpot in 918Kiss slot games easier compared to other online casinos. This is due to the 918Kiss slot games are operated solely based on Random Number Generator (RNG) system. There is no human operation at all in the slot games. Hence, the game result is entirely based on system probability.

Besides, you can further increase your winning odds by playing the app during the midnight, specifically during 12 am until 5 am. During this period of time, there is no human staff monitoring the game back end system. All the games are run under RNG system without any human monitor. You can win easily in all the games during this period time. You can see the number of login to the app increase tremendously during this period of time. Login to 918Kiss in the midnight and win yourself tons of cash in a short time.

Pick A Place With Stable Internet Connection To Play 918Kiss

The 3rd tip is always to pick a place with a stable internet connection before you start playing in 918Kiss. In Malaysia, most of us connect our mobile device to internet through WIFI. Some places with inconsistent WIFI connection will definitely interrupt your game flow and affect your winning odds in the game. Please keep in mind that you need to ensure a smooth game-play in 918Kiss in order for you to win consistently in the game. Other than that, it is also advisable that you pick a place where there is no distraction from other people. This is to ensure you can completely focus on your game without any external distractions.


All the 3 tips mentioned above can be applied in any games in 918Kiss. You might also want to apply the 3 tips in those slot games which have the huge continuous jackpot. You will definitely stand a strong chance to win the continuous jackpot by applying the 3 tips in the game. Let’s join Tony88 today and win as much as money you can!

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