How are Slot Machines Made?



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Slot games are amazing at keeping us engaged with our favorite themes and characters. But have you ever wondered how it is made possible to add so much versatility into SCR888 video slots? In this post, we discover the process of creating slot machines step-by-step to give you the interesting inside details that you will never find anywhere else.

So let’s begin.

It all starts with the concept

Online Casino Malaysia game developers always create a rough sketch of the idea they have for a slot game. The process includes identifying the right themes for the game based on the audiences’ preferences and deciding the appropriate channel (PC or mobile). If the game developers decide to incorporate movie or celebrity themes, then there are certain license rights that they need to acquire before they start the development process.

The game mechanics and mathematics

The success of any 918Kiss slot game depends on various elements including the graphics, themes, and game mechanics and mathematics. Graphics and themselves require creative input whereas the mechanics and mathematics of the game require engineering expertise. The mathematical aspect of the game includes designing the algorithm for the random wins. Here the game developer must determine how to engineer the algorithm so it finds a balance between smallness and big wins.

The game mechanics are concerned with the various features of the game. This includes deciding about the various elements and how they are showcased in the game. For example, the mechanics deal with whether the players can build a castle or walk down a straight path.

Online casino Malaysia always hire engineers that can find a healthy balance between mechanics and mathematics.

The development process

After the theme has been decided and the initial groundwork has been laid, the art directors and the graphic designer work on the wireframes that define each layer of the game. This also includes defining the character movements and the background. In 918Kiss, you will notice dynamic backgrounds behind every game. These backgrounds are placed there after careful consideration and are in no way an outcome of random thought.

After the wireframes are approved by the art directors, the developers resume their positions. Most of the prominent games today are design in HTML,  which makes them workable across different platforms. Most games are written separately for PC and mobile.

The game developers design and animate characters just like the developers at PIXAR or Disney world design animated characters. It’s a lot of work!

During the development phase of creating 918Kiss games, the developers also have to figure out payment gateways and other security protocols that make the 918 Kiss games safe and secure for both mobile and PC users.

The development phase is usually the longest phase and can take up to 5-6 months. The budget for games is also the biggest, especially for games developed by big game developing giants PlayTech and Microgaming.

Game testing and verification

Once the initial development pause is done, the game developers check and verify that the games are functioning the way they are supposed to work. This is the phase where bugs are fixed and 918Kiss games are tested across different platforms. Once the fixing phase is finished the games are launched and promoted online. And that’s how you get your favorite 918 Kiss games.


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