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If you have always dreamt of playing a 918Kiss slot game that offers a thrilling adventure of Chicago streets, then you have to try the Chicago slot game. This is your ultimate chance to get closer to the crime and watch it unfold before your eyes with stunning visual graphics that almost fool the players. Chicago has everything an aspiring slot machine player can hope for. Let’s look into how you can master the craft of Chicago slot and win substantial prizes in the process.

What exactly is Chicago slot game

Chicago slot game at 918Kiss is highly interactive with unbelievably realistic characters that pull you right into the game. The scenic view of the Chicago street on a praline pays up to 10,000 coins and that is only the beginning of the adventure. The street view is also the wild symbol and can substitute any other paying symbol to increase your odds of winning.

The game is full of characters that will most definitely remind you of the Al Capone and many others including a young woman with a feather in her hair, a corrupt cop, and a newspaper boy. The card icons are sprayed with bullet holes so you can get the real feel of the real Chicago while you spin the reels and wait for the winning combinations.

How to play the game

The game combines the thrill of street mobs and their thirst for violence. Players who enjoy occasional violence in games may find the casino game graphics to be highly alluring. The games’ rules are simple and are almost similar to the other slot games at 918Kiss.

The only difference is that you have to learn about the paytable, the specific symbols and the theme of the game in order to understand it better. The more you understand the symbols and what combinations payout the most, the better you will understand the game and the more fun you will have.

Game statistics to remember

    • The falling frequency of the bonus is around 0.99% in every 101st spin.
    • The probability for a hit is around 31%.
    • The winning distribution is divided as 71% for the main game and stone 29% for the bonus round.
  • The game volatility is high and the cycle lengths are long.

The winning strategies to follow

Keep in mind the following proven strategies to get better results at 918Kiss Chicago slot:

    • Once in a while, change the cycle length and try and make bets in multipliers of ten.
    • The joker is the wild symbol. So you will win a higher amount with it. However, the free spins can double that amount to up to 4 Times higher. So never miss your free spins.
  • The game has a higher ROT of around 97% so your chances are good.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, whether you win or lose, just remember that it is just a game just like many other slot games available online. If you didn’t win today, there’s always tomorrow; you can always come back.


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