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Montenegro has different beaches – intimate and small ones in Boka Bay, pebbly ones around Budva and long sandy beaches at the very south of the country. All of them have a unique charm, atmosphere and energy, so if you want to discover different feels, scents, landscapes and horizons, move from one to another. It might give you the feeling that you are visiting a bigger country with a lengthy coastline.

Usually the swimming season starts in mid-June and ends in late September or even mid-October. Although May and September can be unpredictable, the warm and often hot summer starts in June and lasts till mid-September, with pleasant sea temperatures. Here are top 10 beaches you will love:


A unique beach – its territory is completely upgraded. Some parts of the beach feature pebbles for easier access to the water. The bottom of the beach is made of gravel, making the sea water very transparent.

Everything is well thought of and designed there: 4 swimming pools filled with seawater every day, free parking, shower cabins, cafes, restaurants, sunbeds and sun umbrellas for rent, rescue services and emergency help. You can get a good massage at the beach. The beach organizes various parties such as foam parties. Young people love this place, just like families with children, due to variety of offers and their remoteness. A large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, are a great addition to a nice day at the sun.



Trsteno beach is a small sandy beach, with a nice access. It is ideal for families with small children. There are sunbeds, a restaurant and a parking lot available.

Located a few kilometers from Budva, the beach features turquoise sea and a long area of shallow waters.


Kamenovo beach can be reached from the motorway and by a pedestrian walkway from Becici, that goes through the tunnel. The specific sand at the beach gives the sea water a special turquoise color. Depending on the angle of the sun rays the water changes color from turquoise to azure, which is truly magnificent. This “chameleon” water is the most photographed for that reason. Imagine a selfie in front of water that changes color. A video of this will definitely get numerous likes.

The beach has a great number of sunny hours due to its orientation. The sunsets here are really astonishing. The blend of all the colors is a phenomenon that shouldn’t be missed.

Numerous restaurants and cafes, daily parties and unforgettable gatherings make this beach a magnet for younger people. If you are not that young, try it and rediscover your inner adolescent. If you are in love, a romantic sunset in your favorite corner will make your holiday unforgettable!

Jaz, Budva

This sandy beach, which is 2.5 kilometers away from Budva is among three largest beaches on the Montenegrin coast.  

Various restaurants and touristic facilities are tucked under the very hill, in the shade of Mediterranean trees and dipped in the scent of salty air. The beach is pebbly, but the moment you step in the water, you will feel sand beneath your feet. Surrounded by untouched nature, and dense Mediterranean vegetation, it is a home to nature lovers who enjoy camping, which is popular here.

According to Lonely Planet, Jaz Beach was proclaimed the best European beach in 2015. Lonely Planet has high criteria! This definitely means that you should check this beauty out!

Velika plaza /Ada Bojana, Ulcinj

long beach

Imagine a place that the moment you enter it brings you serenity and feeling that the outside world does not exist. This is what Ada Bojana and Long Beach radiate. Perhaps this is because of the healing powers of its dark sand. Sunrise and sunset are the most incredible here – when witnessing them, the feeling brings new, positive and powerful sense of contentment for being alive. After the spectacular sunset, you can see the dance of numerous shooting stars. This is a place of dissidents, a summer habitation of writers, poets, actors, singers, and bohemians.

September in here is the most serene – there are no crowds, kids are back to school and the romance and tranquility are the major inhabitants.

Ada Bojana is a nudist paradise. The area is known for a moderate wind which cools the hot summer air, but is also perfect for kite surfing which is a sport number one in here. There are clubs where you can rent equipment and take lessons to make the adrenaline rush through your veins.

Mogren, Budva

Mogren beach consists of two beautiful beaches connected by a tunnel. This beach received the blue flag which is the symbol of high environmental standards and high-quality and pure waters! The beach is easy to be reached by a pedestrian walkway from Old town of Budva. This walk is generous in great views of the old town and the horizon.

mogren beach

This secluded beach, and intimate spot is rather unique as its pebbles are colorful and the cliffs which surround it are made of layers of limestone, which gives an impression that a hard working builder was bringing wall after wall to create this vibrant natural fortification. The beach is very popular among the younger population.

Sveti Stefan, Budva

sveti stefan

The vainest peninsula in the whole world! This is because of its long photo modeling experience. Sveti Stefan is located below the coastal road and the lookout offers one of the most famous photo motifs of Montenegro. Not long ago a village settlement, today, this tiny islet is home to a luxury resort called “Aman Sveti Stefan“, an exclusive and luxurious place. The left side of Sveti Stefan beach is free of charge, while the right one is private and to enter it, one needs to pay 50 euros.

The waters around Sveti Stefan are extremely pure, the beaches are pebbly and the views are breathtaking.

Queens Beach, Budva

queens beach

The Queen’s Beach is part of the Aman Resort at Sveti Stefan and it’s only available to hotel guests. If you want to use the beach you need to pay € 70 per person. Such a blend of rich vegetation, cultivated nature, beautiful small bay, crystal clear water, smell of iodine and pine trees is worth at least walking by. The path between this beach and Sveti Stefan will give you some of the most glittering views of the Adriatic.

Lucice Beach, Petrovac

Lucice Beach is a beautiful sandy beach in a lovely bay. Crystal clear water is overlooked by a Mediterranean pine forest which gives a special air to the surroundings. Small in size and extremely beautiful, the beach is crowded in the season.

Two small islands Katic and Sveta Nedelja give a special charisma to the panorama, and can be visited by boat. Visitors can get refreshments at the beach, as the bars are all around. During the season, half of the beach is covered by sunbeds and sun umbrellas for rent, and the other half is free for use. Waterslide and a playground are at the very end of the beach – a paradise for kids and their parents who can have some moments for themselves while kids are having fun.

Plavi horizonti, Tivat

Blue horizons are located at the bottom of the of a cove which is considered one of the most beautiful in Lustica. It is looking at the open sea. A rich shade created by a thick forest of olive and pine trees serves as a shelter from the sun when it is on its peak for those who do not want to rent sun umbrellas. Far more effective than protection factor 50! The beach is situated in the area with the biggest number of sunny hours per year in Montenegro. If you want, you can rent chairs, umbrellas, use dressing rooms, shower cabins, parking and dock.

plavi horizonti

The beach is completely covered with fine sand and the entrance to the water is rather shallow, making it suitable for children and those who are not confident swimmers.  The low water depth makes the water 2-3 times warmer than the rest of the coast. There is a very good restaurant on the beach. You can enjoy seafood specialties in the shade made by the greenery of pine trees.

For active holiday lovers, there are sport courts for volleyball, basketball and tennis on the beach. You can also rent a boat, or go water skiing, ride a jet ski or go fishing.

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