The Five Best Luxury Watches Of 2019


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For all the stylish and sophisticated people out there, a watch is so much than only a way to keep track of time. After all, it’s the cell phone era. A timepiece that is well-chosen basically serves as an intonation for your aesthetic. It gives you a subtle touch which lets the others identify you for the fashion-conscious and cultured individual that you are!

The Top 5 Luxury Watches of 2019

If you’re in search for a timepiece which has the ability to turn heads around and to make a statement, here are the top 5 luxury watches of 2019 for you:

1.     Omega Watch

2019 is an important year for Omega because this year Omega itself turns 125. For most people, the most sophisticated watch from this range of watches that marks the birthday is certainly going to be their “De Ville Trésor 125th Anniversary Edition”.

This beautiful watch has a case made out of 18k yellow gold. Which is of 40mm and it comprises of a hand-wound, chronometer-certified, Co-Axial movement and a red-enamel dial. On the back, one might expect to see a sapphire-colored case. But instead of that, there is an 18K memorial “medallion” embellished with a rather vintage-themed logo of Omega. Authentic Omega watches price range is 5000 – 35000 USD, while replica watches prices are 150 – 250 USD.

2.     Tissot Watch

Tissot is a popular Swiss brand which was first involved in motor racing in the Fifties and during the Seventies. It found its biggest success for supporting the entrants at the 24-hour strength races of Le Mans where. They claimed the first position with the French car manufacturer Alpine in 1973. At the “Monte Carlo Rally World Championship.”

The release of Heritage reenters into the original powered racing watch by Tissot called the Navigator. By only adding a few new changes. The 43mm case is made of polished steel within which lines the 3-dial layout.

Its decorated with the tiny sporty orange-neon counters and green colored Super-LumiNovakeys.

The window showing the date is relocated between the 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock positions. This is all attached to a black-colored, period-perfect pierced leather strap.

3.     Rolex Watch

In 2018, Rolex revealed two new takes on the typical GMT: the black and brown and the red and blue bezel. Both of these caused a significant stir.

In 2019, with just a little less pomp, Rolex produced a bigger Yacht Master of 42mm. A black and blue-colored ‘Batman’ version of the iconic GMT. Along with cool steel in two tones and 18ct gold Sea Dweller. The gold Day Date 36 followed the Seventies-style trend for watches. This watch has a vintage look because of gem-set indices and green face.

4.     Blancpain Watch

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Meteor Automatic watch of about 43mm is a great choice for a luxury watch. It can be worn every day since it offers a black-colored ceramic bezel. Astainless steel case as well as a strap made out of strong sail canvas. On the inside, there is a Blancpaincalibre 1315 automatic movement along with an 120-hour power reserve.

5.     Patek Philippe

The Patek Philippe Grand Complications is of 41mm and made out of 18k rose gold and alligator. This watch is a manually-wound one that shows the day, month, leap year. As well as the day or night pointers along with a seconds sub dial.

Conclusion of the top 5 luxury watches

These were the top 5 luxury watches of 2019 and now that you know all about them, go buy one of these and show the world how fashion-oriented you are!

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