4 Mistakes of Beginner Players in 918Kiss Slot Games




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Gambling is more than just a set of games played for money; it is a form of art that has lived for hundreds of years and will continue to be around for another hundred. For those who see gambling as more than just a sport, securing wins can be a challenge.

So if you are one of those players who has always enjoyed the art and entertainment of gambling,  you need to be serious about it before you can make some serious money. Want to know how you can be serious and avoid being a rookie? Read below to find out.

4 Mistakes Beginner Players

You are a rookie player if you are making these four mistakes:

You are always blaming luck

Although luck is an important factor, slot games are not always about luck. Professional slot game players know how to sidestep their luck and make the most out of their games. They understand the games and get acquainted with the rules before they actually start betting their own money. And if by chance the luck does not stand by them, they do not lose hope and simply move onto another game.

That’s what makes them so good at what they do; they are resilient with gambling and always have a prepared mindset that allows them to eradicate frustration that may come with playing online games, especially if they are being played with an aim to make huge sums of money. So, understand that even though your luck does play a role in your winnings and losses, it is not always luck that brings the losses; the choices you make throughout the game make a profound impact.

You practice negligence and ignore pay charts

Before choosing a table,  especially in a live casino game, always check the pay charts. These charts usually outline the payout rates and the ratio of winnings against those payout rates. This will help you understand the probability of winnings and predict the pattern of wins and losses. Professional casinos like 918Kiss provide players with pay charts before the game, but if by some chance you do not get the pay charts, ask your dealer or the customer support staff before you choose to play the game.

You don’t understand the low and high bets

The betting limits are different for every slot game. For some games, it is wise to bet low while for other maximum bets pay off easily. Understand which games are worth maximum bets and bet accordingly. In addition, keep an eye on the payout rates. Different casinos have different rates and these rates may fluctuate. Moreover, never play one game for too long. Switch games so you can test out different payouts set for other games.

You are playing progressive jackpots all the time

Progressive jackpots are alluring and maybe that’s why many beginners make the mistake of choosing them. Always remember that the value may seem enticing but progressive jackpots never payout often. With random jackpots, you have increased chances of winning and that has been tested over time. So, don’t fall for the progressive jackpots until and unless you are certain that it’s going to be worth it.

Final thoughts

Becoming a professional gambler takes years of practice and patience. And,  although, there is no sure-fire way to win slot games, there are proven ways that have been effective and hence are worth trying.


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