Top 5 Beaches That Have Bright And Clear Blue Waters


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For a change, ditch the mountains and lush green forests and go for a long beach trip. Cool as it sounds, relaxing on the beach, basking under the warm sun and watching the clear blue sea’s water smoothly waving, is equally soothing.

These clear blue seas deserve a visit. Here are some of the beaches in the world that have absolutely blue and clear water:

The Bahamas

top 5 beaches
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Known to be the world’s best beaches, the Bahamas in heaven on earth. Its beaches, unlike any other beaches, are so clear that they are free even from the rocks and coral reefs.  Its calm and turquoise waters and soft powdery sand make them the most loved beaches. The Bahamas is an archipelago situated in the Atlantic ocean.

The Maldives

top 5 beaches
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One of the best islands in the world and a fantastic trip destination, the Maldives have dazzling blue waters. It is located between the Indian and Arabian seas. On visiting the Maldives, you can explore its coral reefs, visit the underwater playground and also enjoy the world-class spas.


top 5 beaches
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A surreal world in itself, its beaches namely El Nido, Nacpan Beach, Duli Beach, etc are the exact definition of beautiful. The Philippines is one of the rare places where in spite of being a popular trip destination, you won’t have to worry about the beaches being crowded. This is where you will find the sky and sea mirroring each other.


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With more than 10 beaches, Greece is one of the coolest places to go to for a nice long vacation. Its waters are sure to capture in its everlasting serenity. The most popular beaches in Greece is the Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada island. The beaches here are a good place to swim and feel rejuvenated.

Havelock Island, India 

Image Credits: CruiseMapper

Not many are aware of this place. Havelock Island is situated in India’s Andaman island and is a paradise to be in. It is known for its Elephant beach that has stunning clear waters. Here you can engage in activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, glass-bottomed boat rides, sea-walking and exploring the coral reefs.

Beaches due to their blue and clear waters hold the power to create a calm and cool atmosphere. Coupled with this, is the cool breeze that when brushed against our cheeks, soothes not just the mind but also the heart.

This year, take a trip to one such beach and relish your vacation to fullness.

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