Every Man Should Have A Fitness Watch. Here Are The Best

The best on the market to beat your personal bests


Keeping fit is no longer just a case of getting sweaty for as long as humanly possible. Now we have unnecessarily expensive gym memberships, state-of-the-art running shoes and, best of all, high-tech fitness watches. If you haven’t yet invested in the latter, then you’re missing out.

Why is such a purchase necessary when you’re already jotting down all your macros, calories and exercises in that dog-eared notebook? Well, for that very reason. A fitness watch can do all the tracking much more quickly and accurately, allowing you to carve out (and upgrade) your exercise regime from there.

Convinced? Take a look at our best in class for 2019 from the likes of Garmin and Samsung…

best fitness watches for men

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 isn’t quite top table material. And that’s precisely the point. Unlike a smartwatch that can channel Swiss prestige, this is purely for performance: built-in GPS, pre-set workouts via a multitude of sports-specific apps, and all-day stress tracking.

Vivoactive 3, £159.95, amazon.co.uk

best fitness watches for men

Heart rate monitoring is a good indication of an optimal workout, and subsequent improvement. Which is lucky, as Huawei’s Band 3 Pro offers a more accurate, more granular reading than its predecessor thanks to a TruSeen 3.0 system.

Band 3 Pro, £59.99, amazon.co.uk

best fitness watches for men
Mr Porter
If you like to go to the extreme on a workout, Suunto’s 3 model may well be for you. A rigorous research and development stage has resulted in a fitness watch that’s durable for everysort of exercise, letting you commit damage to your muscles without doing the same to your wristwear.

3 Fitness Watch, £200, mrporter.com

4adidas x Fitbit
best fitness watches for men

Fitbit is now a ubiquitous name in the sports-tech world. So, pair that with a juggernaut like adidas, and you can anticipate great things from this particular smartwatch. Expect a unique coaching experience from one of the biggest sport brands in the world, alongside all the usual trimmings.

Ionic Health & Fitness Smartwatch, £219.88, amazon.co.uk

best fitness watches for men

In a market dominated by iPhone accessibility, Samsung’s Galaxy watch is best suited to the smartphone of the same name. And, with military grade Gorilla glass, it’ll survive the mandatory tumble that befell your previous six telephones.

Galaxy Watch Active, £209.95,amazon.co.uk

best fitness watches for men
Ironman: a triathlon for the clinically insane, a Marvel playboy, and now, a standout fitness watch from Timex. Better yet, functions such as hydration alerts and robust water resistance make it perfect for every workout – even that final wade through a muddy six foot bog.

Ironman GPS Watch, £99.99,timex.co.uk

best fitness watches for men

Fashioning instruments that monitor the old ticker since 1977, Polar’s 2019 output is a lot more advanced. Which means training schedules tailored to your sport of choice, fitness tests and tips on the best route to recovery.

Unisex M430 Fitness Watch, £149.69,amazon.co.uk

Apple x Nike
best fitness watches for men

Apple, arguably, started this whole smartwatch thing. So instead of trying to outdo the competition, Nike teamed up. Four times in fact, with the latest iteration – the Apple Watch Nike+ – proving to be the best yet in the form of a fully optimised fitness watch.

Apple Watch Nike+, £399, apple.com

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