Casio slims down latest sporty Edifice connected watch, adds desirable new tech


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For the new EQB-1000D, Casio has retained the same connected feature set it has used in other Bluetooth-enabled Edifice watches. When you connect the watch with your phone, it’s easy to alter international time zones, daylight saving hours, and to set the alignment of the hands. To facilitate connecting the watch with your phone, Casio has the Edifice Connected app, which also has a phone finder feature, but sadly doesn’t have any in-app alarm alteration.

Despite the connected features and Bluetooth onboard, the Edifice EQB-1000D doesn’t need charging everyday. It uses Casio’s excellent Tough Solar feature where fully charged, the internal battery will last for five months without subsequent exposure to light. Unless you keep it in a box, or live in a cave, the battery will almost always be charging anyway as it takes energy from not only sunlight, but from low-light and artificial sources including florescent too.

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Previous Edifice connected watches have been chunky affairs, with the all-metal bodies dominating wrists. For the EQB-1000D, Casio has slimmed the case down by 30% compared to the popular — and representative of previous Ediface connected watches — EQB-800, to a more reasonable 8.9mm thick. This is the top-of-the-range model too, and to further differentiate it from the others, the face is covered with sapphire crystal for scratch resistance. The watch is also water resistant to 100 meters.

The sapphire crystal is set inside a stainless steel body attached to a metal link bracelet, while the face has sub dials for the chronograph, world time, and for showing a.m. and p.m. too. This is a sporty-looking watch, just like other connected Edifice watches. Casio will release the EQB-1000D during the summer for $300.

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