Best 918Kiss Top Trend Gaming Slot Games with Highest Payout Percentage



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The gaming universe is vast and like our universe, it is always expanding, which makes choosing a game much harder. If you are going to gamble, you better gamble with the best and there is nothing better than Top Trend gaming. Top Trend gaming is one of the world’s largest game manufacturer with hundreds of games trademarked. Many renowned online casinos like 918Kiss host games developed by Top Trend Gaming. So here are the games offered by the manufacturer with the highest payout.

Best 918Kiss Top Trend

What exactly is high percentage payout of slot machines?  

Before you actually get into it, it is important that you understand what exactly is high percentage payout, why it matters and, most importantly, why you should care about it. The percentage defines the amount of cash prize that is paid out to the player. So the games that offer the highest payout percentage essentially give out the amount of cash prize equivalent to the percentage set forth by the casino.

The payout percentage goes hand-in-hand with the house edge which is the percentage of profit that the casino earns on each dollar that you wager. The house edge is usually between 2-3%. So for example, if you wager a dollar and the house edge is 2.5%, the casino will keep 5 cents and pay out 95 cents.

The more you know about the payouts, the better your chances of earning. This is why it is important to check the payout percentage and its ratio to the house edge. This will essentially help you determine the odds of winning a bigger amount.

Why play slots with high payouts?

Slots at 918Kiss with the highest payout percentage pay more to the players. But it doesn’t mean that they also pay out frequently. It has been noted in the past that slots with the highest payout percentage usually payout less often. So you will need to rely on your judgement when it comes to choosing a slot.

Top Trend Gaming has a number of games that usually have payout between 75-95%. These games include Aladdin Hand of Midas, Dragon Ball Reels, Eight Immortals, Dragon King, Lucky Panda, Jade Empire, League of Champions, and Hot Volcano, to mention just a few. It is important to note that a 100% payout is almost very unlikely; however, some casinos do offer it.

Here are the three Top Trend Gambling games that offer the highest payout percentage:

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines. The game also comes with a command bar which is situated under the reels so you can choose your next bets. The game has RTF 95% which is higher than a lot of games and additionally offers tremendous opportunities to win bonuses on certain paylines.

Reels of Fortunes

This game gives you an impressive opportunity to win massive cash prizes. The percentage of payout is also 95% in this game, which means that you bet maximum and win maximum.


Cleopatra not only offers an immersive gaming environment but also offers impressive payouts right from the beginning of the game. The game also features free spins that additionally increase your chances of winning.

Final thoughts

Slot machine games are immensely popular among Asian players. If you’re among those players who take gambling seriously, then you need to have a good understanding of slot payout percentages their ratio to the house edge. JOIN US AT TONY88 NOW!

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