Terms You Need to Know While Playing 918Kiss Online Slot Games


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Did you ever feel lost while playing a slot game just because you didn’t understand many of the terms? A lot ofslot machine terms can be a little difficult to understand for beginner 918Kiss players, especially if it is there the first time. But not to worry, here we have some of the most widely used slot machine terms that you will find helpful as you venture into your first game.

Know the 918Kiss Online Slot Games

Action: The total money a player has wagered in a specific game and at a specific interval during that game.

Bonus Features: If you see scatter symbols, free spins, and wild symbols, you have probably landed a bonus feature. These features allow you to win extra cash in SCR888 casinos without having to wager any money.

Cold Machine: Cold machines are a myth, but in general, they refer to machines that may not pay out any time soon.

Five Reel Slot: These slots offer more than 3 reels. The 5 reel slot has more paylines and potentially higher chances of paying out more.

Fixed Jackpot: Unlike the progressive 918Kiss jackpots, fixed jackpots pay out a specific amount to the players no matter how he won and how many times a player has won.

Free Spins: As the name suggests, free spins are your chance of garnering additional spins to increase your chances of winning.

Hit Frequency: This term refers to the frequency of hits that a slot machine has produced against the number of times players have played on the slot machine. Some professional players use Hit Frequency as a determining factor for slots who can pay or the most.

Hit and Run: This term defines the players who play for maximum wager limit for a few spins and if the slot machines don’t pay out they move on to another.

High Volatility: The high volatility machines usually pay out the less.

Hold Percentage: This is the percentage of money that the 918Kiss casino holds when a player wagers.

‘Hot’ Machine: It is the exact opposite of the cold machine.

Jackpot: The biggest reward offered by a slot machine or an online casino.

Loose Slot: These slots pay out a higher percentage than the other slots.

Low Volatility: Slots that have low volatility are known to create more hits than the high volatility slots, as mentioned above.

Max Bet: The maximum coins that a player can bet in a particular 918Kiss game.

One Armed Bandit: This is a slang term for slot machines that became popular mainly because of the one lever that players had to pull to get the spins in traditional casinos.

Payout: The money that a player gets when he makes a hit.

Payout Percentage: The percentage a player should expect to get back while playing on a certain slot machine.

Pay Table: This table showcases the number of payouts a player can receive in a particular slot game if certain combinations appear on the payline after a spin.

Random Number Generator: RNG is built into all the traditional and online casinos like 918Kiss to ensure fair play. The random number generator ensures that every spin produces a random result.

Wild Symbol: Also known as the joker in slot machines, these symbols take place of other symbols to give players a chance to win. If you get the wild symbols, they will equate to the winning combinations and secure you a win.

So did you learn anything new? Make sure to keep the glossary handy when playing your very first online casino game so you don’t miss out on anything.


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