Strategies for Playing 918Kiss Slot Games



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918Kiss Slots game is the top favorite casino game by all the casino lovers around the world, although slots machine can be effortless to play and you might think it does not need any skills or strategy to play, this is wrong thinking. If you do not have a specific skill and strategy, players will not win much.

You need to know how it works before learning the tricks behind the slots machine. The slots machine is a game that runs entirely on luck, and every turn is entirely random thanks to Random Number Generator (RNG). When the button is pressed then the system will randomly generate the image on every column, then the awards will be based on the combination of the images. Because of its randomness, every player’s chance of winning on every turn is the same.

If you are playing in a real casino, then you can use some of the tricks to win.

First are a method called the standard deviation method, this method is to pick a machine that pays the bonus proportionally, for example, players bet 5 dollars and get 50 coins back, play until you win and play for the second time. Then count how many times you have played, until the tenth time you will know how many times you need to play to win, then you can look for a high return machine and start playing and win. But the downside of this method is that it requires a lot of patience.

The second method is to make great use of the standard deviation method, for example you know estimated you need to play 4 times to win a game. After you’ve won your game then minimize your bet for the next 3 or 4 bet, then you can raise your bet on the next one or second one.

Third, playing with a machine with high return rate, this method is rather dull compared to the method mentioned above, playing with a machine with higher return rate will result in you to have a higher chance to win bonuses, as you can bet with the same amount but win more compared to other machines.

Fourth, keep an eye for the player who keeps playing on the same machine but didn’t win. This means the player has been playing during the losing phase of the machine, wait until the player is gone then go and play the machine. From a statistical point of view, the chances of you winning on that machine will be high as the machine might reach the winning line anytime soon.

Tricks for online slot machine

As the online slot machine is slightly different than the physical casino, these are some of the basic tips and tricks that you can learn.

  • Use the free opportunity/spins – Most of the online casino are giving out free spins or bonus to attract players, these free spins might help you to win too!
  • Set a credit limit – Set a limit when you play online casino, do not overspend on the online casino, stop once you have reached the limit.
  • Pick a smaller jackpot machine – A smaller jackpot machine usually has a higher chance of winning, although the first prize might not be as attracting as the other, the higher winning chance will keep you winning with a small bet.

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