My 10 Retakes Of Historic Images Show The Past And Present Vienna

My name is Alex and I’m a Vienna-based internet worker. I’ve always been involved in photography, so that was a nice beginning to my mission.

In 2011, I began re-photography. My parents got me ‘ a book with old photographs and was captivated by the way my birthplace looked in the past. All those places I knew about, the streets I grew up in, and so on. That seemed so familiar, but at the same moment so distinct. Did you ever wonder how it look like in the past?

So I decided to take photos of those locations to document those differences in the precise angle and viewpoint. Even though I often hear the town looked more lovely in the past, I also want to demonstrate stuff that have improved, such as the structure of pedestrian fields and so on.

#1 Graben from 1966 to 2018

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In the city center of Vienna, the major tourist area is now a pedestrian area.

#2 Belvedere Palace from 1945 to 2015

In the Second World War, the Belvedere Palace was partially demolished.

#3 Street Scene On Mariahilfer Strasse from 1900 to 2016

A renowned shopping street, Mariahilfer Strasse.

#4 Neuer Markt from 1910 to 2018

Neuer Markt 1910 vs. 2018

Who else enjoys the constructions with these ancient ads?

#5 Gürtel Street from 1874 to 2015

Now it is one of Vienna’s busiest roads, there was a cemetery in the 19th century.

#6 Mariahilfer Strasse from 1986 to 2015

Mariahilfer Strasse 1986 vs. 2015

This popular shopping street has become a pedestrian area. A subway line substituted the tram.

#7 Heldenplatz from 1880s to 2015

In the 19th century, the old city wall was demolished, many iconic buildings along the new Ringstrasse were built.

#8 Urania Building from 1930 to 2019

Urania Building 1930 vs. 2019

The building of Urania and an ancient bridge of Aspernbrücke.

#9 Along The Danube from 1980 to 2019

Along The Danube 1980 vs. 2019

Some significant floods struck Vienna, so the government decided to construct a second stream along the primary river. This image also demonstrates the increasing skyline around the International Center of Vienna.

#10 Stephansplatz from 1914 to 2018

One of the first pedestrian areas in Vienna was the region around St Stephen’s.

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