Blackjack vs. Slots – 5 Reasons Why Slots are Better


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Are you a first-time gambler or new to the concept of online casinos like 918Kiss? Many online casino Malaysia offers hundreds of different games that can substantially increase your chances of winning a lot of cash that can be life-changing. In this post, we have highlighted the two most played games in 918Kiss: Blackjack and slots. Let’s see why slots always prove to be much more lucrative than Blackjack.

What exactly is Blackjack?  

A Blackjack is a card game where players compete against a dealer. The players have to get a face value of 21 and no more in order to win the game. Usually, the players do not compete with each other. Blackjack was once used to be a part of traditional brick and mortar casinos, but today it is a popular game in 918Kiss and other online casinos. If you win Blackjack you get a certain, fixed reward.

What are the slots?

Slots are a lot different than the Blackjack. First, Blackjack is only one game whereas slots represent a number of different games within the 918Kiss universe. Each slot machine in an online casino can have more than a dozen games that can be played by anybody who is logged in and has signed up for that specific game.

Each game within a slot machine can have a specific theme based on a famous cartoon character, book, celebrity,  or a famous movie. For example, you can find slot themes based on Tom Cruise films, Harry Potter, and Little Britain, the TV show. Players can choose slot games based on their favorite theme. 918Kiss online casino allows you to choose from myriad themed slot games so you can enhance your playing experience while garnering the chance for better winnings.

How are slots better?  

Online casinos Malaysia offer players a tremendous chance to win through multiple games, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Slot games have more to offer than the Blackjack and in fact, the mere comparison of the two sounds preposterous. Here’s how slots give you better chances of winning a jackpot:

  1. With slot games, you have the chance to participate in more than one game. This substantially increases your chances of garnering more wins.
  2. Different slot games offer different pay ratios, unlike most Blackjack games where the amounts are usually fixed and you are always playing towards a single monetary goal.
  3. There is no significant excitement or thrill in playing Blackjack. However, some gamblers may disagree with this statement. Think about it for a second, compare playing a slot game based on your favorite TV show with playing a card game with a dealer. What do you think sounds better?
  4. Slot games have much better odds of winnings than Blackjack.
  5. Slot games allow you to try different games within the same online casino such as 918Kiss and find the game that is worth your time and money the most.

Whether you choose slot games at 918Kiss or Blackjack, you will always have to find your own gaming strategy. Professional gamblers always choose slot games over other online casino games to increase their odds of winning. So if you are looking to catch some luck with online casinos Malaysia, maybe give slot games a try first before moving onto other games.


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