Photo Report The Fashion And Watches Of Henley Royal Regatta 2019


You wouldn’t have believed it. Henley, 30-odd miles west of London, was hot as could be this past week, and without a cloud in sight. But despite the heat wave, teams from across the globe descended on the River Thames for the historic Henley Regatta. From school teams to the worlds best internationals, Henley was buzzing. For the rowers, it is the pinnacle of the race season. For the spectators it is an opportunity to soak up the sun, see off all the Moet, and make sure that over-the-top sports jacket still fits.

The vibe is nothing like that of any other rowing regatta. Having spoken to a number of ex rowers, they all say it was the undisputed highlight of their careers. There many have been more prestigious events with more gold medals, but the sheer numbers and tradition at Henley make it unique. When it comes to watches, it was only right that Bremont, with its HQ just down the road (and a new mega production facility on the way) was one of the event’s main sponsors and hosts.

Between watching races, I took some time to walk the banks of the Thames to do a little watch (and outfit) spotting of my own. The results were anything but disappointing.


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