Recommended Reading The Apple Watch Will Outsell All Swiss Watches In 2019

The war for our wrists is far from over.


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There’s been no small amount of handwringing over the longterm impacts the Apple Watch will have on the traditional Swiss watch industry since the device was first unveiled in September 2014 (you can read Ben’s original report on that right here). But over the last five years we’ve seen anything but clear answers to questions like “Will the Apple Watch become indispensable for most consumers?” and “Do the Swiss have an answer for retaining marketshare and minds?” In a story published by The New York Times over the weekend though, we learned that analysts are currently projecting the Apple Watch to outsell the entire Swiss watch industry by volume in 2019. That’s pretty big news indeed.

Whether this milestone is being achieved because of the design changes made for the Apple Watch Series 4 or whether it’s a slow-burn sort of thing is still to be seen, but it’s abundantly clear at this point that the Apple Watch is having a serious impact on the Swiss watch industry, particularly toward the more affordable end of the spectrum. This story gets into some of the history of the Apple Watch, how the Swiss industry has reacted over the years, and what might be coming as things continue to develop. It’s well reported, compellingly written, and very much worth a read.


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