Quantum Dot Technology May Not Feature in 2019 iPhone Cameras


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Much of this information is not direct. Apple is supposed to have entered into a contract with a UK-based firm to buy quantum dot technology that would bring in a lot of improvements in the camera section of the iPhones to be released this year. The company has since decided not to go ahead with the arrangement which could disappoint a lot of people. This has been the substance of a news report from a UK publication.

Technology May be Delayed but Not Abandoned

The report in The Telegraph has mentioned the name of the company as Nanoco and though there has never been any official announcement that Apple and Nanoco have worked out a deal. The UK company issues a statement earlier that it has bagged a $22 million worth order from a “large US corporation” and later said that company has abandoned the idea leading to a steep drop in its market valuation.

iPhone XR 2

However, what has been in the public domain is that Nanoco is in the quantum dot technology space and that Apple has been keen on adding it to some of its products like the Apple Watch. The technology itself is spoken of in relation to 4K TVs and display system for mobile phones. It is believed that technology could help in delivering pure colors with accuracy.

It is also being predicted that this quantum dot technology will eventually be adopted by not only Apple but the other technology companies as well. From that limited perspective, the current decision to hold back the inclusion of the technology in this year’s iPhones is only a temporary setback.

Cameras of iPhones of 2019 will be watched

Most rumors and renders of the 2019 iPhones have confirmed that there would be a triple camera set up in the rear on at least two of the three models. With devices like Google Pixel 3 earning huge appreciation from critics, Apple got slightly pushed to the background. Prior to that, the iPhones were still considered among the best for mobile phone technology. Will it regain that position back with this year’s iPhones?

Wait till September for a decisive verdict on that one.

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