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Battle World is a video game. In the Malaysia, we called it as the Wukong video slot. As in the game play, it has a main character which called Sun Wukong. It is an ancient Chinese story, Sun Wukong is one of the Buddha God, one time, he gets punished by he destroys an event of the God meeting and sent to the earth. He was trapped in the Five Finger Mountain for five hundred years for waiting someone (monk) to release him. And after that, Wukong need to take the monk to the west to complete the mission. By the way, the journey occurs many monster to eat the monk and Wukong need to protect him. Same to the game.


Battle World is the video game that play with the real money game. This is the video without any reels and paylines, which powered by the International Games System (IGS). IGS is the Asia’s largest online gaming supplier from Taiwan. Although it is the Taiwan’s product but its able to play in the 918Kiss Online Casino Malaysia.


In the early of launching Battle World video game, IGS only supply the video machine to the internet slot machine café but not in the online application. It is the only game, that you can see every time with full house as it able to play with multiplayer mode. In the Malaysia, for sure that’s two or three Battle World video machine in every single slot machine café, its reputation had highly increase day by day and also the player’s demand highly increases their brand image.

Based on the demand of the player, now the IGS had create the online platform of the Battle World video game with the mobile platform which you are able to play in the SCR888 online casino Malaysia. In the SCR888 online casino, you able to play the Battle World video game with the offline mode or online mode.


As the main character is Wukong, in the screen Wukong is getting ready to fight with the monster when they appear, and he is flying via his cloud. Besides, that’s another three more character accompany Wukong in the game, they are Red Boy (Hong Hai Er), a little green snake and a little buffalo. There is also having four different monster that will appear only one when fighting.

IGS design it into two modes, single player and multiplayer. Single player mode, you will play alone, but in the multiplayer mode, you are able to player with other player via internet. This feature is available in the 918Kiss online casino now!


The game will spin to hit one of the icon of Wukong or Red Boy or little snake or little buffalo. Each of them will have three colour, red, green and yellow. Before the game start spinning, you need to place the bet which you believe will appear later. You can place as many character as you like but minimum with one-character placing to join the game. And that’s the side bet with the banker, player or tie. There are the different winning odds every round, it will be changing randomly.

The monster will appear when then two reels trigger the same monsters, and that monster will start fighting with Wukong. Not matter win or lose, you are still able to get the reward, but if the Wukong losing the fight, the bonus will become lesser.

In the multiplayer mode, IGS added a feature into the game – timer. They give you about 30 second to place the bet, after that, they will start spin to start the game.


Battle World video game is the unbeatable game among the slot game. It will give the high payout if you correctly guess the character. If you have not play with the Battle World before, then you should try now. It is available in the 918Kiss online casino and you can get a free account to start play with Battle World. Don’t forget to sign up member at Tony88 to get the Free ID at 918Kiss!

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