Malaysia vehicle sales data for May 2019 by brand


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It looks like the flurry of Raya deals did manage to spur car buyers to flock to dealers, and sales data from the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) for the month of May 2019 showed that plenty of them ended up driving off in shiny new cars – just in time for their balik kampung trips.

In fact, a total of 60,780 vehicles were sold last month, 10,816 more than the 49,964 units that found homes in April – that’s a whopping 21.6% jump over the month before. As you’d expect from such a fruitful period, almost every car company recorded an uptick in sales, and plenty of them saw their sales skyrocket.

Heading the table yet again is Perodua, although its increment was relatively tiny in comparison. The national carmaker sold just 804 more vehicles at 22,945 units, a paltry 3.6% increase. By contrast, Proton has a much more productive May, with sales having spiked a good 51.3% from 7,011 to 10,611 units – allowing it to just about hang on to its newly recaptured second position in the standings.

Even better news for Honda, whose massive 70.2% jump allowed it to run Proton close at 10,509 units sold. Notably, despite having slipped back to third in April, the Japanese brand still holds a lead of nearly 3,000 units in the year-to-date sales stakes, at 38,874 units versus 35,903 units. Toyota also had a strong showing with a 25.2% increase to 6,842 units, while fifth-placed Nissan sold 30.8% more cars at 2,103 units.

It’s not all good news, however, as Mazda’s sales dropped 18.6% to 1,060 units, joining other losers such as Kia and Subaru. In the premium segment, Mercedes-Benz once again edged out BMW, the former securing 981 units of sales (+0.7%) versus the latter’s 835 units (+9.9%).

Elsewhere, it’s good news for Peugeot (+57.5%), Lexus (+39.3%), Hyundai (+32.4%) and Volkswagen (+24.7%), but bad news for Volvo (-23.8%).

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