How To Make Your Grand Golden Circle Tour Look Amazing In 5 Days

Your Golden Circle expedition will be one of the most memorable ones of your life. Within a span of 5 days, you are guaranteed to have the most fun-filled trip ever. The Gullfoss waterfall is a magnificent natural creation on the White River. The very idea of river rafting will keep your adrenaline rising. But you will have the time of your life when you will go for river rafting on the Hvita River. The river rafting base is at Drumboddstaðir. An enormous canyon Bruarhloo will be your point of the leap into the White River. You will be accompanied by professional kayakers to ensure your safety.


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Walking through the glacier

 The second day of the Grand Golden Circle Tour itinerary will be equally exciting but in a different context. From Reykjavík, you will be escorted to the frozen dreamland of Sólheimajökull glacier. It is a part of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. The best part about this beautiful landscape is its continually changing geography. You will be amazed to see the natural sculptures of the iceberg. Your guide will adeptly take you for a glacial walk with the explanation about the crevasses. If you want to try out ice- climbing, pick up the crampons and safety lines and request your guide to help.

Snorkeling in serene water and caving

While you have already seen the gorgeous Kerid volcanic crater on the first day, you will be visiting a lava cave this day. Popular touring companies like offer excellent packages of Grand Golden Circle Tour that will take you to either the Gjábakkahellir or the Leiðarendi Cave. The sinking of the lava delta formed such tube caves that became a haven for tourists. Qualified cave guides will steer you through the moist formations with helmet and torchlight. After a few minutes’ rests, you will go snorkeling in the lazy water of Silfra with clear visibility 100 meters depth.


Gear up for hot spring bath and horse Riding and

The next day6 begins with a hike through the incredible Reykjadalu hot spring valley. A walk of about 7 km will take you to hot water spring where you can enjoy a natural spa. Take a shower prior to entering the hot water. The most exciting activity of the day will be mounting on the typical Icelandic horse. Of course, the travel will assign the riding guide who will secure you with all the necessary equipment. You will be riding through vast farms watching the developed systems of horse breeding.

Tranquil Blue Lagoon

The final day will have yet another surprise in store. Go for biking with an ATV Quad Bike. Enjoy every bit of the drive over the Mount Hafrafell. The view from the top of the mountains is breathtaking. Treat your eyes with nature’s bounty at the Blue Lagoon. Relax in the warm waters of the geothermal spa that will also nourish you with Sulphur and Silica. The water is famous for its healing capability due to high mineral content. Enjoy your five days of the Iceland tour to the fullest with fun-filled activities and equal relaxation.

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