BMW teases M concept car blending technology and performance


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Can you make out what you’re looking at in the obscure teaser above? Neither can we — but it does represent the future of BMW’s performance cars. The automaker has posted a teaser for a Vision M Next concept that, as the name implies, would explore the possibilities for M-series cars. The imagery doesn’t hint at much more than some angular lines and a gray-and-red color scheme. There’s thankfully more to it than that, though — BMW made clear that technology would play a central role in this design.

Where the Vision iNEXT used tech to offer a more luxurious, hands-off ride, the Vision M Next will rely on it to “enhance driving pleasure.” This will be the anti-autonomous car, in other words — it’s all about making manual control more exciting. While it’s not certain what that entails, it’s easy to imagine advanced performance driving assists as well as more information about the car’s status. Car magazine suggested that the Vision M Next could represent a replacement for the i8, complete with upgraded electric and gas motors.

You should get more details about the car at a presentation later in June. As with BMW’s other concepts, this probably won’t represent exactly what you’ll get from a future production car. Instead, it’s more likely to serve as a showcase for technologies that will reach multiple vehicles in the years ahead.

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