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How to Play 918Kiss Golden Tour Slot Online

Mix between first class and take part in a word golf golf contest that can be the gateway to wealth and fame in just a few variations. 918Kiss Golden Tour is a slot game created by Playtech that takes place in the middle of a golf tournament, which is now a fairly unique introduction to the market right now. The ceremony guarantees that there are a lot of winning results in this slot game, with a low level of recognition with the game. If you’re curious and maybe want to know about the 918Kiss Golden Tour and what is the best system to win big, stay with us and read our entire slot game article.

Best Gold Match

918Kiss Golden Tour is a leisurely slots game associated with a realistic atmosphere. Try not to expect exciting excitement here, we discuss golf-themed slot games of all things considered. In that capacity, the slots game screen looks like a green golf golf run, with slopes moving smoothly and some players focus on the next hole. Design is very important, but they will be enough if you are looking for a basic slot game with a golf theme. So, therefore, it’s time to get your club and start the competition. We should see how we can kick the slot game in the next area.

Dollar ball

918Kiss Golden Tour is a simple to play game that uses the most basic rules that many share slot games. As a result, it will not take long before you can start betting on the reels. The game has 5 rolls and only 5 paylines to bet. Your main goal consists of ensuring that a combination of winning symbols landed on these paylines to trigger cash payments. Use the umbrella table under the scroll to select the bet and adjust the coin value with an arrow shaped (+) and (-) buttons. You are free to customize all your settings as much as you like during the game. Keep in mind that you can always bet more on the reels to trigger a larger cash prize under the line. Max betting button is a practical shortcut that will allow you to go on the next round in just one click. And if you are targeting the biggest prize, do not hesitate to activate the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot to get the chance to land a huge increase that is ever increasing at any time during the game.

Get Your Golf Club Ready

The 918Kiss Golden Tour umbrella is fully linked to golf, with many symbols chosen to create winning combinations throughout the rolls. The most common icons are gold shoes, cups, flags, clubs and golf carts. Winners in the SCR888 Golden Tour start from the same 2 symbols correctly, and this first icon can be worth 5 to 250 coins. Red and blue gold balls are slightly more difficult to understand in the game, but also more valuable. Try to mix old land with them to trigger a reward of 500 or even 1000 coins. And above all this, there are more ways to win big on the Golden Tour.


918Kiss Golden Tour contains 2 different distinctive features that players need to be aware of if they want to really have all the chances on their part to hit the biggest payment that the game has to offer. The gold ball symbol is a wild card, with a peculiarity that can only replace the other golf ball symbols. You can also use wild to create a combination of up to 2,000 coins. The game also has 3 different invasions, a bird, a duck and a fish. Find the same 3 types anywhere on the screen to trigger a bonus game. Choose your club and goals carefully and hit the ball, your cash reward depends on that. You will also win multipliers depending on the number of diffusion you have encountered in the first place.

Ace Competition

918Kiss Golden Tour starts as a standard slot game with an incredible and not very interesting theme, but the more you play more ways to win you discover. Wild symbols are selective isolated, but many sowers will give you plenty of opportunities to enter the bonus game and gain unique opportunities to score holes in one and win bigger cash prizes.

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