918Kiss Kimochi- Game Introduction


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Kimochi means “feeling” in Japanese. Like “this feeling” and “my feelings”.

The game of the 918Kiss Kimochi is perfect one for those who like to do gambling. The game is all about the gambling in the most unusual way: the game is created over the word “kimochi” which stands for pleasurable feeling in the Japanese language.
Kimochi is a customary phrase for the people who’s love Japanese culture to let you enjoy the life style of Japanese male. Well, if you spin the 5 reels of this 9-payline slot machine in the right way,9 line slots are actually a totally logical extension of the three-image per reel arrangement that was almost exclusively used for slot machine layouts for decades.

These days, slots on the Internet have all kinds of combinations of reel, image, and line arrangements. Antique games from the early days of casinos had a single pay line, three reels, and three images per reel as a rule. All this traditional-style games at online casinos tend to mirror that arrangement. This 9 line slots exist because with three images on a reel, it makes sense to design games with a number of lines equal to a multiple of three.

That’s why some would say that this 9 line Kimochi game is totally for the adults and not for the younger people. Regardless of anything, the game is meant for adults only as this is the gambling game. The kimochi is loved by all those who like to take gambling at professional levels.

The game is has the best and the most alluring graphics so that adults feel great while they enjoy this sensuous gambling game. The graphics are mostly pink and this make the game more romantic. You win so many amounts while the player could actually enjoy such an ecstatic game. The adults of all ages love to spend time in the kimochi gambling game.

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