918Kiss Highway Kings- Game Introduction



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918Kiss Highway Kings is the online slot game that never fail to deliver. Given the popularity of 918Kiss, there are countless of online slot game that has been very rewarding for the casino players. Among all the slot game, Highway Kings remain as the favorite slot game of all time. Besides, if you are one of the casino players who really enjoy great profits and exciting gameplay, Highway Kings slot is the slot game you should never miss out on.

The mighty red truck in Highway Kings is a great representation of this powerful slot game. Casino players that had gave this slot game a try has been singing praises for its generous payout. If you are looking for thrill and excitement in online slot games, Highway Kings has it all. The road ahead of you is clear and the big red truck is ready to bring you the profit you deserve. Place your bet with Highway Kings and you will experience the adventure to great profits.

The graphics in Highway Kings slot is not as well decorated as compare to other new slot games. However, the retro design slot game will make your slot gaming experience a unique one. Besides that, casino players will also be entertained by the great sound play of the game. Everything is well design to make your gaming environment truly realistic. Throughout the slot game, casino players will also come across many Scatter and Wild symbols. These symbols would form the winning combination that help the casino players reap in the biggest rewards.

Highway Kings Slot
The famous slot game comes with 5 reel and 9 paylines and it is one of the finest product from Playtech. Coins value that is offered in this slot game can range from $0.01 up to $5 per coin. Besides that, players can chose to bet as many line as they wish to wager by clicking on the line bet button. However, this slot game is cater more toward casino players with low to mild risk taking. Players can bet a minimum stake of $0.01 per line to maximum wager of $45 per spin.

On the other hand, some of the most common symbol that you may come across in this slot game include the wheel, tyre, dice, truck parts and trucker’s cap. These symbols will make up the smaller paying coin of the game. On the other hand, the petrol station, green, yellow and red trucks make up the highest paying icon of the game. The petrol station symbol would be the second highest paying symbol in this game as 5000 coins will be rewarded when five of these symbols are struck.

Scatter Symbol
The scatter symbol in this slot game is represented by sparking plug. The Scatter symbol will add up to your profit as it can greatly increase your multiplier. For 2 Scatter, your multiplier will be 1x. For 3 Scatter, the number will rise to 5x. As you get four Scatter, you will be awarded 10x multiplier. Any 5 Scatter and you will be pleased to get an amazing 100x multiplier. Besides that, casino players can also use the Bet Max and strive for maximum wins.

Wild Symbol
The wild symbol of this slot game is represented by the big trucker. This is a special symbol whereby it will substitute itself for any other icon on the board to enable the player to complete a winning payline. The wild symbol are able to replace any symbol except for the scatter symbol of the game. Getting the wild symbol can be really rewarding at times but it will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 only.

If you are up for the challenge, do hop onto the Red Truck and start winning big now. Each symbols do come with different perks to reward you with each win. Apart from that, casino players can also participate in the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot for extra rewards. By betting on the Dollar Ball, you can select 5 numbers out of the total 49. Whenever good luck strikes, you will win the jackpot when all 5 selected numbers are matched. Become the king of highway today and start winning today.

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