Score amazing Memorial Day savings on these watches



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The Morphic M72 Series Chronograph Strap Watch is an elevated classic that’s on sale at a steep discount

Smartphones have replaced wristwatches for a lot of people. Having one device that tells the time on top of tracking your to-do list and keeping your communications in order is tempting — but checking the time on your phone in the wrong situation can come off as rude.

Pulling out your phone during a meeting to see how many minutes you have left until you’re finally free won’t win you any points with your boss. A sleek wristwatch lets you subtly countdown the minutes while adding a touch of class to your outfit. The Morphic M72 Series Chronograph Strap Watch is the perfect addition to any wardrobe — and it’s an extra 15% off its sale price for a Memorial Day special.

Morphic’s quartz watches have been a premier brand for men for decades. Brushed stainless steel silver is paired with sporty-yet-sensible silicone bands for a look that works both in and out of the office. Luminous hands help you tell the time in any lighting, and the thought-provoking designs turn this watch from timepiece to conversation piece.

The Morphic M72 Series Chronograph Strap Watch usually costs $750, but right now it’s 89% off for a sale price of $79.99. Use the coupon code WEEKEND15 at checkout for an extra 15% percent off, and you’ll only pay $67.99.


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