Best Samsung Galaxy Watch bands: how to restyle your wearable


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The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the smartest wearables on the market. Its thoughtful styling makes it an absolute pleasure to wear and its wide range of features mean it’s one of the most useful smartwatches out there. It’s so good in fact that it tops our best smartwatch list.

But as with all these watches it’s nice to add some flair and personality to your Samsung Galaxy Watch, and one of the best ways to do this is to find a strap that gives it a new look. Perhaps you want to switch straps depending on what you’re doing. A silicone band for exercise with a metal strap for nights out.

The good news is that there are loads of custom options for the Samsung Galaxy Watch that allow you to breathe some extra personality into yours, so we’ve been out hunting for the best bands and straps to make your watch reflect your personality.

The Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes – 46mm and 42mm – so we’ll be clear about compatibility with each band.

These are products that we haven’t had in our test labs, but based on our experts’ opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked from cheapest to most expensive, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability and unique features, to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.


1. Kades Soft Silicone Band for Samsung Galaxy Watch A very affordable silicone band

Colors: Black, Black/Grey, White/Black, Yellow/Black, Red/Black, Pink/Black, White/Pink, Pink/Mint Green, Navy Blue/White | Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 46mm and 42mm

Loads of color options

Options to fit both sizes of Galaxy Watch

Sensible priceHoles in strap give a point of failure

The Kades Soft Silicone Band is one that allows easy removal, which means you can swap it out with different bands depending on your mood, or what you’re going to be doing during the day. The silicone band is ideal for heavy workouts, as it’s breathable and waterproof.

The pin clasp means that it’s easy to put on or remove, as well as keeping the watch nice and secure on your wrist. A massive range of colors and versions for both sizes of Galaxy Watches make this an excellent choice for those looking for a good all-round band on a budget.


2. MroTech Galaxy Watch Quick Release Nylon Sport Loop

Fabulous fabric band that’s adjustable to any wrist

Colors: Black, Blue, Olive Green, Red | Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 46mm and 42mm

Simple ‘hook and loop’ clasp

Fits virtually any sized wrist

Sensible price

Might be a bit sweaty for intense workouts

It’s probably not much of a stretch to say that the MroTech Sport Loop borrows from the really excellent Apple Watch straps which use a similar ‘hook and loop’ fastening system to make them super-adjustable and simple to put on.

Nice design and a good selection of colors mean this is a great way to pick your style and make your watch stand out. MroTech has straps for both sizes of Galaxy Watch too, and like many of the bands here they will fit a wide range of smartwatches that use the same size fitting.

A sensible price and great design make this a really nice choice for many people.


3. Goseth Milanese Loop Adjustable Stainless Steel Wristband

A great value Milanese loop watch strap that looks excellent

Colors: Black, Silver | Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 46mm

Great design

Very affordable

No 42mm option

Relies on magnet to fasten clasp

Look, there’s no point pretending we don’t still love the Milanese loop strap design. The delicate look combined with its “wear with everything” practicality makes these styles pretty compelling to almost anyone. Perhaps not ideal for intense workouts, but a pretty good all-rounder nonetheless.

And the Goseth is an affordable option too, giving you bags of style without decimating your bank balance. The magnetic clasp is convenient and simple but by its very nature doesn’t lend itself to high-stress situations, so perhaps invest in something else if you’re always running marathons.


4. TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Metal Watch Band for Galaxy Watch

A smart-looking band that is perfect for all uses and stylish enough for a night out

Colors: Silver/Black | Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 46mm

Sensible price

Quick release clasp

Support for most wrist sizes

No 42mm option in this color

For a modest price the TRUMiRR Stainless Steel strap brings a rather fetching two-color design to the Galaxy Watch. The high-end look makes this an ideal pairing with Samsung’s super-fancy smartwatch and should catch some admiring looks from friends.

We also really like the hassle-free clasp, which requires you press buttons on either side of the strap to release it. This should keep your watch securely on your wrist and prevent any accidents – essential when you’re dealing with an expensive smartwatch!


5. Samsung Silicon Strap 22mm

For those who want to keep their Samsung accessories official this is perfect

Colors: Blue, Black, Natural Grey | Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 46mm

Nice design in a robust material

Great for workouts

Expensive for what it is

Limited color options

It’s not the most cost-effective band you can buy and there are loads of third-party silicone straps that are cheaper, but for a lot of people, sticking with Samsung for your Galaxy Watch accessories is essential.

We do however really like the design and color of the Blue version of this strap. While the Black and Natural Grey are both fine in their own way, the blue color makes this strap a little more interesting. The traditional watch-style notched clasp isn’t the most funky we’ve seen, but it will keep the watch on securely.


6. Samsung Silicon Strap 20mm

A great choice if you want lots of color options

Colors: Black, Brown, Natural Grey, Violet, Red, Silver, Pink, Yellow | Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 42mm

Great color options

Perfect for exercise

Quite pricey

Clasp design is nothing special

For some reason the color options are much better for the 20mm straps (which fit the 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch) than the 22mm ones. Anyone who loves a nice bright color will enjoy the Violet and Pink bands, but we think the audacious Yellow is absolutely banging.

Samsung’s silicone bands are well-suited to exercise and should last a long time, but the traditional strap clasp is a bit frustrating as these designs can be a little uncomfortable for workouts. We’d prefer to see an Apple-style clip, but we can live with Samsung’s choice too.


7. Samsung Hybrid Sport Strap

A glorious mix of leather and rubber for every activity

Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, White | Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 42mm

Great color options

Hard wearing but stylish

Very expensive

Only for the smaller Galaxy Watch

Samsung knows that people may want to swap watch straps regularly, so the Hybrid Sport Strap allows for very quick removal and installation. That’s super-handy if you want to use different bands for different outfits or activities.

The combination of both leather and rubber means that the Hybrid Sport is hard-wearing but looks as classy as an all-leather strap does. You get a splash of color, which can either be bright and bold or a bit more conservative – ideal for all tastes.

It’s a bit expensive, especially compared to third-party bands, but it does offer some of the nicest design we’ve seen on a watch strap.

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