These are just some of the most important questions one asks himself when planning a trip to a completely new country, in this case the wonderful Tuscany region in central Italy. At the beginning, planning your trip can be exhausting, and this because of the huge amount of information one finds on travel books and on the web.

TuscanyChic Blog aims to be your helpful and useful resource in planning your Tuscan itinerary; with many practical tips and insights that will make arranging your holiday in Tuscany very quick and easy 🙂 So let’s try to answer some of the most frequent questions you may have about planning a trip to Tuscany! Follow each link to get more detailed info on each subject.

Planning a Trip to Tuscany
Why Tuscany?
If you’re wondering why choose Tuscany for your next vacation to Italy, then you’re going to find an endless list of good reasons: extraordinary and unique art towns like Florence or Siena, unique works of art like the ones at the famous Uffizi Gallery, breathtaking scenery and unforgettable landscapes in the countryside, a beautiful sea coast with crystal clear waters, great food and wine!

Where to stay in Tuscany?
Ok, you’ve finally made it for Tuscany, and now you ask yourself: where to stay? which are the best areas and the best places to stay in Tuscany? Tuscany is rather a vast region and each part of it, from north to south, has its own peculiar characteristics. As in any other country, there are places that are most beautiful and attractive than others.

The best and most suggestive areas of Tuscany, all perfect to have a great vacation, are: Florence and Chianti, Siena and the Val d’Orcia, Maremma and the Tuscan Coast, and the Valdichiana with Cortona and Montepulciano. Any of these areas of Tuscany has its hidden gems all to discover, all here is beautiful and full of amazing treasures.

What’s the best Base for exploring Tuscany?
Now, the next question that soon comes to your mind is where is the best base to discover Tuscany at its best. Well, there’s not just one destination you can use as a base, though, generally, I suggest choosing between Florence and Chianti, or Siena and the Val d’Orcia. The best option then would be to have at least one week or more to spend in Tuscany and split your time between Florence and Chianti area and Siena and the Val d’Orcia. That way you will really have the possibility to explore Tuscany’s most spectacular sights.

What to see in Tuscany?
Once you have a clear idea as to the best areas of Tuscany and where to base for your holiday, soon after you probably want to know which are Tuscany best sights and attractions to visit! Which are Tuscany’s must visits? Which are the most beautiful medieval villages and art towns of Tuscany? Florence, the Uffizi, Piazza dei Miracoli, Siena, the Palio, and…..Find a full list of the Top Sights and Destinations to visit in Tuscany here 🙂

Where to find the best accommodations in Tuscany?
Tuscany offers a quantity of different accommodations for a great stay, you can choose an agriturismo, a farmhouse, an independent villa with pool, a B&B, a hotel, a relais, a castle… You’ll be spoilt for choices as to where to stay in Tuscany. TuscanyChic Blog is dedicated only to very special places to stay! chic, charming, and exclusive accommodations that have something peculiar and different from all other and ordinary lodgings 🙂 Just have a look at our selection of special accommodations in Tuscany, all set in stunning locations 🙂

How to tour Tuscany and getting around?
No doubt that Tuscany, because of its geographical conformation with hills going up and down, high mountains, varied coastline, winding country roads and small major towns, is better to be traveled by car! A car is actually the best way to move around Tuscany and discover all it has to offer.

Most charming and picturesque medieval villages, perched on top of steep hills amid the countryside, can be reached only by car. Of course you can still use public transportation to move around, but in that case I suggest you stick to main towns like Florence and take advantage of one of the many organized tours for day trips in Tuscany for all destinations that are less conveniently reached without a car.

When to go to Tuscany?
When planning a holiday in Tuscany, you probably also wonder as to what is the best time of the year to have a vacation, and how is the weather like. The best time to visit Tuscany is probably spring time, when the countryside is literally full of different colors and the days are incredibly sunny! As to the weather in Tuscany, notice that in general the climate of Tuscany is mild, so each time of the year can be convenient to have a vacation.

What to do in Tuscany?
Tuscany offers lots of interesting and varied things and activities to do! Tuscany is the perfect place to be, if you love art, culture, spectacular nature and landscapes, cycling, trekking, horseback riding, swimming, cooking classes, wine tours…and many other things. In the blog I’ve recently dedicated a full section to all activities you can join in Tuscany.

What type of food I’m going to find in Tuscany?
Last, but not least, you may also probably want to know how is typical Tuscan food. How is Tuscan cuisine? which are its best traditional dishes? and what about Tuscan wines? With its long and prestigious tradition, be sure that Tuscany is one of the places in the world where to find the best food and the best wines! Pasta, bread, meat, organic products, fish…you’ll not be disappointed!


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