Performance of the weekend

You could see it all over their performance. Alisson’s kicking. Mohamed Salah’s increasing desperation to score. Even little things such as Divock Origi’s freezing on the spot when he could have moved toward a deflected pass in the last 10 minutes.

Liverpool looked nervous. Panicked. Terrified even. It looked like they had frozen in the face of pressure. You wondered how they could possibly win the league.

Then they won 2-1. And you wondered how they could possibly not win the league.

Ogden: Liverpool must keep their cool in red-hot title race

It’s easy to write off this sort of thing — a last-minute winner via an awful goalkeeping error that forced an own-goal — as a freak incident not to be repeated, something that can’t be relied on ever again. But with Liverpool, it keeps happening: It’s not especially logical, but then again, football very often isn’t.

And of course, it isn’t just down to luck. It was at least in part down to Liverpool’s relentlessly pushing on and the excellent and constant crosses from both full-backs that will always cause problems.

“There are 500 ways to win a football game,” Jurgen Klopp said afterward. “Today was slightly ugly. But who cares?”

Who cares indeed? Manchester City are still favourites to win the Premier League, but not by much. Liverpool are going to push them all the way.


Assist of the weekend

You could tell me anything while watching Andrew Robertson’s cross for Roberto Firmino’s opener. You’re stealing my car; you’re emptying my bank account; you’re removing my shoes and throwing them in the river; you’re divorcing Dad and running away with the circus. Just as long as that cross keeps being replayed, I’ll be happy.

Error of the weekend

Another of those rare mistakes by Hugo Lloris. According to Opta, the past three seasons, only one goalkeeper has made more than the eight errors leading directly to a goal that the Spurs captain has, and that’s Jordan Pickford. Apart from the generous donations to the Liverpool title fight from the pair of them, it’s rather troubling reading for England and Spurs.

This is yet another problem with a leading club being so inactive in the transfer market. As the barren windows widen further, cracks in Tottenham’s squad, positions previously thought solid and not to be worried about are forgotten. But after this latest mistake, if you were to identify one position that Tottenham need to strengthen this summer, it’s in goal. Lloris is becoming a liability.



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