A90 Toyota GR Supra with an 800 hp 2JZ engine is Daigo Saito’s new drift car for D1 Grand Prix series



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Stop complaining about the new A90 Toyota GR Supra having a BMW heart under the bonnet, because Daigo Saito is here to appease the demands of purists around the world.

The Japanese professional drifter recently revealed his latest competition car, which will be used for the upcoming D1GP All Star Shoot-out in Tokyo in late March, and throughout the 2019 D1 Grand Prix series that starts in June.

Under the bonnet of Saito’s machine is the much-praised 2JZ-GTE inline-six, making this drift car likely the first A90 Supra to pack the hallowed engine. With development work from HKS, the engine features an increased capacity of 3.3 litres (from 3.0 litres), while a massive turbocharger brings the final output to around 800 hp.


Significant revisions are made to the rest of the car as well, starting with a Pandem widebody kit, front lip spoiler, a massive rear wing, larger wheels and brakes, as well as an additional rear-mounted radiator for extra cooling capacity. The car is predominantly painted black with Toyota Gazoo Racing livery and sponsors stickered all over its body.

A winner of multiple drifting championships, Saito is no stranger to piloting interesting drift machines, with a Ferrari 599 and Lamborghini Murcielago being some of them.

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