Malaysia-China Amazing Trip: Proton X70 owners drive 2,909 km in five days, convoy en route to Hangzhou



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Sometimes, the spirit of adventure can truly embolden. Take for example this group of Proton X70 owners who embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to China – by land. That’s right, a total of nine units of the SUV are en route to Hangzhou, China, where they will visit the headquarters of the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group before making the round trip back.

The ambitious road trip, called Malaysia-China Amazing Trip, will take approximately 33 days and pass through 13 cities across four countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and China). The convoy, which also consists of several other vehicles, is organised by the Borneo Automobile Leisure Touring Team and the Kunming Scenery-Customer International Travel. For those planning a similar road trip, here’s what you can expect.

On the departing day, the convoy drove 540 km north to the city of Hatyai, Thailand. The expected travel time is 12 hours, though this included a scheduled lunch break and quick vehicle inspection in Juru. The convoy then crossed the border at Padang Besar and into Thailand.


The second day is a much longer drive – 740 km to be exact, from Hatyai to Hua Hin. There wasn’t a breakdown on travel time for this leg, but we can safely expect it to take more than 12 hours. On day three, the group drove 619 km from Hua Hin to Tak, where they would cross the Thai border into Myanmar. Again, no travel duration was specified, but we’d know better by now that it’s a full day affair.

The fourth day saw the convoy drive from Tak to Chiang Khong, covering a total distance of 580 km over 10 hours. Here, they made a stop at the famous tourist destination known as Magic Hill on Highway 105, before ending up at a hotel facing the Mekong River and Laos. The following morning, they drove 430 km from Chiang Khong to Mengla, a county in the Yunnan province of China.

All said and done, that’s just five days worth of driving. A simple math puts the total driving distance at 2,909 km, which is close to a quarter (3,250 km) of the 13,000-km journey. The convoy departed on February 26 and was expected to reach Hangzhou on March 12. We will be joining them (by flight, thankfully) this Friday to celebrate their journey, so if you were us, what questions would you ask?

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